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custom-wordpress-coding-plugins-widgetsWhen it comes to web coding I’m an old hand. I started web coding in late 1994. The good thing is I realize old doesn’t necessarily mean good so I have assembled a very top notch team of coders who specialize in the same things I am familiar with which makes us work smoothly and efficiently. We code JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, AJAX, CSS, and work on a few frameworks like Nuke and Zend.

If you need a custom WordPress plugin or to have an existing plugin modified to work the way you need it this is an area of specialty for us. We can truly customize your theme and make sure you have the one-of-a-kind WordPress installation you though you were getting.

Standard fee $65 per hour for work for hire  (contact me about special projects)

Custom PHP/MySQL web solutions. This is the language of the most successful Content Management Systems (CMS) available today. If you’re in need of a truly custom WordPress web site we can do it. Most providers call “custom” the result of using the theme editor. We can create custom functions, custom themes, custom plugins, custom widgets and more. We also code stand-alone widgets for non-CMS sites. Whatever type of site you have we can enhance it with custom PHP/MySQL solutions.

Custom landing pages, squeeze pages and lead generation pages. You can supply us with your design or our design team can work with you to create the “look and feel” (aka user experience) you want. Then we’ll go to work in the nerd shack and code a back end machine that does anything you want it to. You can own your own lead generation system with drip marketing, referral tracking, affiliate tracking and more. It will allow you to stay in constant contact with your network, prospects, and customers.

Custom eCommerce machines – I personally cut my teeth on developing eCommerce solutions for businesses of all size. From massive online catalogs to simply one product sales machines we’ve got you covered. We can work with your graphic designers or provide design solutions with our new in-house design team.

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