Twitter To Allow More Than 140 Characters?

I’m not 100% sure I like the idea but I do like the idea. Me make many sense – I know. I remember when I first came to Twitter. Much like many others I said, “what’s the deal”? Soon I found out how to become very creative and never fell to using ur, H8, or much more than an LOL or WTH. That was 8 years ago and now we’re hearing serious rumeroids that Twitter has an itch to ditch the 140 limit.

Just wow.

Wait, just so you don’t think we’re talking about tweetlonger (bleh) or OneShot (double bleh) we’re actually hearing that Twitter may endorse and facilitate actual text tweets exceeding the decade old limit. According to more than one rumor report I’ve read, like this one in re/code, there’s a very real possibility we’ll be seeing this in a Twitter product very soon.

“Twitter is building a new product that will allow users to share tweets that are longer than the company’s 140-character limit, according to multiple people familiar with the company’s plans.” – re/code

The real question for me is how is Twitter going to take control of spam? The massive amount of useless drivol on the platform is killer at 140 characters, what if that amount doubles – or triples? And of course I have yet to hear just how many characters Twitter will allow if they tear down that wall.

The problem is….

For now the only place the limitation is being removed is in the Direct Messages (as of August). I don’t know about you but 80% or more of my DMs are people automatically thanking me for following them, mentioning them, or mentioning some key word they are tracking. So I’m not real keen on getting more characters of things I already pretty much ignore. So the rumor is that some other method of allowing 140 characters is on the way.

If you have more information about this possible new product that will break the character barrier we’d love to know. Give us a link to your information and we’ll share it with a few thousand folks for you. Heck, leave it in the comments and we’ll approve it if it checks out.

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