Twitter Spam is Killing Twitter to Death

Okay, maybe that’s a little melodramatic. But isn’t it sort of true? Back in the early days of Twitter there was certainly plenty of spam to be had. Today, however, it seems without building and carefully managing lists you just cannot avoid Twitter spam. It’s like the most prolific invasion of social I have seen anywhere. It’s not on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube to name a few. So why is it so prevalent on Twitter?

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Corporate culture. Yes you Twitter. You’re the guilty party not your users. Just look at the graphic, a real capture from my new followers this morning, and you’ll plainly see just how simple it would be to even automate purging this scourge. See what I did there? Purge the scourge.


So, Twitter user, what do you think of this proliferation of spam?

Does it make you more or less interested in participating on the channel as a serious business operation?