Twitter Spam or Good Use of Prospecting Time?

twitter marketing techniques

I used to be a really big fan of Twitter as an engagement platform. Then, back in 2010, Guy Kawasaki was my guest on Social Media Edge Radio and he explained why, to him, Twitter is a one-way, information firehose. (My words.) With that said, and to my chagrin, he was right. And, today, Twitter is the least personally engaging “social network” I am a part of. I, too, use it as a broadcast network most of the time.

twitter marketing techniques

Is this a Twitter marketing technique you use, recommend or at least accept?

With all of that said, take a look at the attached image. Is this really a good way to build trust in this “brand”? Obviously it is multiple copies of the same account. Will they broadcast identical information on each account? Is this how the spammer they hired to handle their social media hedges in order to not have all 13 accounts terminated by Twitter for abuse at the same time?

And The Really Big Question: Is this a method you recommend or accept?

Twitter marketing does work. I have had varying levels of success with broadcasting on Twitter. Traffic results are instant and can quickly surpass the 1,000 visits per hour mark when using the correct broadcast account. (My average is about 80 visits in the first 5 minutes depending on time of day.)

For those reading and considering hiring me to handle your online branding I do not personally recommend what I believe is happening here. However, if that’s what you want and have reason to believe it will work for your purposes I will set up multiple, identical accounts for you.