What Twitter Data Tells Us About That Channel

“I don’t get it. What is this?” That’s what  I said in early 2007 when I started my first Twitter account. It wasn’t until later, mid-2008 that it clicked for me. Since then I’ve learned more and more, partially from guests on Social Media Edge Radio and more-so from painful trial and error, what works for me. I should emphasize the “for me” part because what works for me may not work for you. This is a primary concept in my classes (which are currently being offer through The Alliston Group by the way) making sure each student knows they need to experiment, track, and adjust often.

Years Of Data: But The Last 30 Days Are Most Valuable

The most tweeted tweet of all time is not necessarily an indication of the direction and interests of Twitter today. After all Twitter content interest changes with the daily news. So the fact that a certain personality had the most re-tweeted tweet in 2013 doesn’t have any bearing on the interests of people in 2017. When planning your Twitter strategy it is important, for most Tweeters, to follow current trends which are performing well as opposed to the greatest of “all time”.

Why “The Most” Usually Doesn’t Matter To You And I

Unless you are a reporter with TMZ chances are most of the top tweets are irrelevant to your social involvement plan. By that I mean a tweet by Harry Styles (of One Direction) “All the love as always. H” isn’t going to do anything to help your business. Although I did just do a little experiment expecting zero activity:
[fetch_tweets id=”6366″]

What Does Twitter Tell Us About Tweeters?

It’s actually unimportant for our purposes; small business marketers looking to add prospects to our funnel. Truly it is. The most popular accounts are celebrities and politicians. The fact that a singer fell off the stage likely has very little to do with your Fuller Brush Catalog Sales and the death of a politician should never be leveraged for sales and marketing purposes.

No this isn’t a “trick post”. The idea is to start your thinking in a different direction than trying to keep up with the Cardishians (tic) or whomever be the flavor of the day. Chances are thinking locally and having a few hundred local, engaged Tweeters is much more valuable to your local business than having tens of thousands of unknowns from around the globe. Unless, that is, your business model can benefit from them. Then by all means forget all of this, follow the trends, make lightning when you can, and carry on!

So What Should I Do?

twitter-statsDiscover what works for you. Chances are an article on my site or any other site, regardless of by whom it was written, isn’t going to exactly fit your business, location, and clientele. We can provide you a good launching point–a place to begin and that’s about it. From there on you’re either on your own or you can hire a professional to counsel you or even do the heavy lifting for you. There are, quite literally, hundreds of us.

Tweet something. Watch the results. If it works–do it again. If it doesn’t work–adjust it and try again. A/B test; tweet almost the same thing at almost the same time and see what happens. If one works better than the other, recycle it. Use images. Use video. Use audio. You, or a professional, can’t know exactly what works for you until it does. This is the exact reason you can never trust anyone who says they can create viral content for you. There are far too many moving parts (most of them human and unpredictable) to positively nail down specifics.

Generally Speaking

The more followers you have of high quality the better your results are going to be. If you’re a local real estate listing agent and you need to do some social media marketing on Twitter chances are very good you’re going to do better with local contacts than with international ones. The one exception in that point would be fore people moving specifically to your area from elsewhere. Focus on what matters. Where (from which demographic) do you traditionally expect to find your clients? Go after them. Find them. Follow them. Interact with them. Promote them. Be their “buddy”.