Tool For Identifying Fake Twitter Followers?

fake twitter follower screen capture

Okay, in fairness it says it’s the Beta application. This tool could help trim down on the number of fake Twitter followers you have.

Have you ever wondered how many of your Twitter followers were fake accounts? Me too. In fact I’m pretty careful about not accepting accounts that even look suspicious. Color me careful, but I don’t want spammer accounts or faked accounts connected to me. Of course it is Twitter and it is public so pretty much anyone can see pretty much everything; a fact I constantly keep in mind.fake twitter follower screen capture

The reason I would prefer to not have spammers or faked accounts following me on Twitter, as in I block them, is because they are like weeds. If you let one grow then others will grow around them. Have you ever had ten or twenty followers all in the same day with oddly similar profiles? That’s what I mean.

So there’s this tool available from Social Bakers which *could* be a good tool. I tried it out, and while I was not terribly impressed, I have hope. One hope is that someone from Social Bakers will chime in and talk to us about their tool. The other hope is that they continue to develop this, and that Twitter actually lets tools like this work to do things like mass unfollow. Yes, I like that.

So here’s the tool. It’s very simple. You type your Twitter handle into the text field and click “Check”. That’s it. The results speak for themselves. Scroll down a little because they did give me one name of one account I could block, or visit their profile. So, keep working on it guys – this is my kind of useful tool! What we really want to see is the full list of the people your tool finds suspicious. Okay? Thanks.