Highest Customer Rated Camcorder on Amazon?

Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder with 16GB Internal Flash Memory
Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder

Let’s face it, nothing beats user opinions. Advertisements tell you all the best points and users tell you when it’s just bovine scat. So it may be important to note that the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D camcorder is the highest ranked product in the camcorder category on Amazon.

So what do people seem to like most about this particular camcorder?

  • A user gives it 5 stars for image stabilization and zoom (I like both of those)
  • A 3 star reviewer also likes the zoom and stabilization but complained about the pre-record icon (makes sense)
  • Another 5 star reviewer really digs the 1080p HD results (don’t we all?)
  • Another user gave it 5 stars because of the 16 gig internal memory and the 32 gig expansion card (me too :)

Perhaps my favorite review included the video below and 5 stars. Interesting to note about the video is that it is shot in hazy low light conditions facing into the available sunlight. I’m certain they used only the default automated settings which tells me this camcorder must be pretty smart. View it in full screen and you’ll get a relative idea of the crispness of the progressive scan.

Also it is obvious the camera is hand-held so you get the additional image stability and zoom test. I like what I see. For the price I’m thinking this may be something great to keep available for quick shots or scene testing before you drag out the HVR-Z7U.


Do More YouTube Likes Equal More Views?

Answer: I don’t know. But I’m looking for the answer and maybe one of you know. Certainly together we can all figure it out, right? Please don’t destroy my hope in humanity!

Okay, enough drama. That one scene would have putrefied any daytime soap. Thanks to Richard MacManus over at ReadWriteWeb for providing us with the list of the top ten all-time most viewed YouTube videos just yesterday. Oddly one has already been deleted for a violation of the Terms and only one of the remaining 9 is not a commercially reproduced music video: Charlie Bit My Finger, Again.

YouTube Chart Data
Click image to view full size.

Obviously this calls for deeper investigation because, chances are, if you’re reading this you are not on the development team for Death Row, Virgin or DefJam records. If you are, welcome. I’m sarcastic – often. I tried the Charts Channel. Can you say gold mine? Well, you could if the charts we worth a crap. The top ten most view according to that channel are Not Even Close. So I did some old-fashioned time burning … I looked up the numbers myself.

I looked at 3 samples from two sets of video types. The first set is from most viewed and the second set is simply a randomized selection from “real estate agent” search results. What we are looking for in these numbers is an indicator of the importance of the number of like and comments to the overall number of views. You will see in the Likes/Ratio column the percentage of viewers who liked. What is also interesting to note is the Subscribers viewing ratio. In my opinion and based on this very small data set I believe neither are crucial in a generic success story. However it stands to reason and I believe will be born out with more subject study that the number of subscribers for a niche topic will result in more views whereas it appears, as I suspected, the number of likes and comments has little bearing if any on the number of views.

What we did not measure or examine is how many non-YouTube pages (private blog pages etc.) each of these videos may also reside within. It is my suspicion that the “Where In DC” video is found on a more highly viewed site than the publishers YT channel such as ActiveRain or BiggerPockets.

And here is the final shot on this “how to get more YouTube viewers (and is that really important to your business)” topic. Your comments are not only welcome they are invited!

Suggested Video Toolbox – Equipment To Go On

What is the best video equipment for bloggers? I can answer that – from my perspective and experience. Whether you are brand new to social and web ready video or are ready to advance this is a well recommended tool kit for you. In fact today on Social Media Edge Radio we had a rapid fire, round table discussion of just which tools we use and recommend to other to use and we pretty much agreed on most points. Instead of a long how to article here’s the list:


To hear the replay of the show today with Jeremy Blanton, Mike Mueller, Randy Barnes, Jason Crouch and me (Ken Cook) visit Social Media Edge Radio.

While the question asked was “what is the best” that’s such a subjective question. We narrowed it down, pretty much, to these items. If you’re doing vlogging (video blogging) these will get you there. Can you buy more expensive equipment? You bet! Will you get a better result for your social media or blog? Unknown – sometimes the equipment can be “too good” for what you’re doing!

Here are some other recommendations to kick it up a notch:

Of course you can connect with any of us for video tutoring and possibly find is in a city near you for a session.

Bigfoot spotted? Does he have a Facebook page?

Bigfoot Facebook pageOkay so I’m not a member of the convinced. I am also not a member of the unconvinced. I saw a “ghost” once and, though I know I saw something almost right in my face, I’m still not convinced of what I saw. Bigfoot, however, should have been captured by now. Seriously. I have my doubts about this footage because it doesn’t “look like Bigfoot”. Whatever that means.

The big question of the day is, “does Bigfoot have a Facebook page?” And the answer is, “Yes. Several.”

Interestingly there are two separate Bigfoot pages on Facebook with a total of about 33,000 fans. That means Bigfoot’s Facebook presence is worth more than mine and most of my clients. Be that as it may a friend wrote, “the color of hype is green”. So if Bigfoot is hype, and he is, why not shoot a “Bigfoot sequence” of video and use the hype to turn some green?

The conversation starter for this post is this video:


How can you use modern lore to create hype and turn some green?