Bogus, crap followers on Google+ and rant, rant, rant


Of course the spammers, the scammers, the skanks and hos always show up at any party where they can get it. I had not been on Google+ for more than 48 hours before the first ones started showing up. I even made the mistake of putting a few in a circle called “Clearing” because we had so many common connections and I thought, “surely if we know this many people I must know this person.”

Negative (see the photo).

Google+ spam follower
Google+ spam follower

Really it isn’t a new thing. As long as a few people have been able to connect to the same space over a network there has been spam. Those lovely, empty accounts and messages designed to snare the unwitting surfer. In the good old days, USENET, BBS, and the antiquated walled spheres of engagement you could get kicked, banned and IP banned … the later meant you’d have to find another connection to get back in.

Why are we still dealing with this pestilence 30 years into this game? Why do we still tolerate, nay, validate this type of behavior? On Twitter spam had a face and it was a nubile, Asian chick. Some poor girls from the jungle corner of the planet are forever burned into our minds as “that’s a spam avatar”.

Google+ is no different. While Google techs and some failure of an algorithm which seems to be a few hundred tweaks short of a beta phase. No, I didn’t get hit by it but I’ve heard the nightmare stories already. People lost not only their G+ access but all of their Google access: mail, documents, YouTube … the whole ball of wax. Which makes me wonder, since I’m an Android would I have lost my phone, too? I suppose I would have lost Voice.

Frankly this concerns me.

We joke about Google being Satan, SkyNet and the brain of the Dark Side. In reality Google making a stupid mistake and punishing any user at whim could really screw your day, week or business. How many of you rely on Docs, Voice and Mail in your daily life? I do, hands raised over here. Meanwhile accounts like the one featured in this article seem to be popping up everywhere.

Hey, I have an idea!

What about doing what Craigslist does so well and what BBS’s and USENET have done so well for decades? Let the users decide and you work on the system of checks and balances where your algorithm can sniff out whether or not a user has been gang-banged for evil purposes. Why don’t you, Google, stick to creating some awesome tools, figuring out just how important real customer service is regardless of how big you are and let the users show you how to run social? In fact, you’d be pretty much a modern first! Facebook = monarchy, Twitter = oligarchy, Google = Satan.

Good day my friends.

Email abuse! How do you manage your inbox?

No, I did not see your email

A few weeks ago I received an important email from a connection of mine. They had asked me to contact a prospect, a small business needing a website that “does stuff”. The email message included the important note that the owners were anxious, had already done some shopping and had their budget ready and available.

It was the developer’s dream. They had graphics, had cash, were ready to add their own content, and needed it all in a reasonable time period for the person who could start by the beginning of February. I missed the message.

Had the man told me he won the lottery and was handing out $1000 bills I still would have missed the message. Why? Every day, at least two or three times a day, he forwards a funny picture, a joke, a sappy story, a slideshow, a link to a YouTube video, or something else he finds interesting to a list of about 80 people. How do I know? Because he never BCCs, he just sends.
email inbox management
I stopped reading his emails months ago not because there is never anything of value in them but because I, like many of you, receive somewhere upwards of 1,500 emails every day. Of course my entire life is spent “online” because that is where I work, quite literally, since I manage several WordPress sites, a few social media accounts and a handful of online referral banks for my company and some private clients. This means my emails are crucial.

So what to do about it?

Hopefully a reader will have a great solution. I have tried numerous email clients, a few online email services, different apps for my ‘Droid, filters, folders, traps … still I struggle with email. For example I recently created a new email address “just for business” which has also been invaded by forwarded messages which mean nothing to me. Oh, they may be interesting but when I spend over 2 hours a day going through emails they really are a bother – not a pleasure. In the end they cause me to either block, spam or otherwise ignore that sender so my stream isn’t clogged. Then, as in my earlier recounted experience, I miss the one email out of dozens or hundreds which is a viable message.

I may have already tried the tool you may suggest but let’s see who has the best solution.

How do you manage your email?