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Warning! SEO Plugins for WordPress Kill Your SEO

[podcast]http://thekencook.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/warning-seo-plugins.mp3[/podcast] Play the audio introduction Actually your SEO is probably already suffering with an out of the box install of WordPress (your self hosted version) but what usually happens is a user installs an SEO plugin and either they simply do not use it (thinking it will somehow magically do all the work for them) […]

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What is WordPress?

This is a question most WordPress developers, hosts and pundits usually skip past. When moving WP into a new market, like real estate agents and small business people, it is a question which must me answered and really should be presented with “Why You Need A WordPress Site”. WordPress is, for all practical purposes, a […]

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Great plugin for managing page/menu order

While many WordPress themes have built in capabilities for managing the order of your menu (pages) some barebones ones do not. There are word arounds, certainly, and it’s not too complicated for the advanced user to create an add_action script. Even then you may not end up with something as simple to use as a […]

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