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Is Your Site Really Mobile Ready And Does It Really Matter?


Is your site really mobile ready? (Photo by Nokhoog Buchachon)

Today as I prepared to write this short Thanksgiving Week post I checked the stats on my sites and a few of my client’s sites. The percentage of mobile visitors ranges from 7.8% on a local website services company (client) to 38.8% on my own SocialMediaEdge.com website. These are the numbers provided by Google Analytics installed on each site.  Imagine if none of these sites (and the one client has refused to allow me to get their site mobile ready) did not make provisions for mobile. Can you imagine not delivering the optimal content to as much as nearly 40% of your site visitors?

Is It Really Mobile Ready?

There are many folks who sell services claiming they provide “mobile ready” web sites and content. Be alert to anyone who simply wants to install a “responsive theme” and pronounce your site “mobile ready”. While using responsive design which serves the same URLs to visitors using a mobile as visitors using a laptop or desktop is the preferred method of Google it needs to go a few steps farther. We’ll talk about those in just a moment.

What Is Responsive Design?

“Responsive web design is a technique to build web pages that alter how they look using CSS3 media queries. That is, there is one HTML code for the page regardless of the device accessing it, but its presentation changes using CSS media queries to specify which CSS rules apply for the browser displaying the page.” (Google)