AirDroid Gives You Online Control of Your Droid

AirDroid screenshot

How many times have you been sitting at your laptop or desktop and wished you could send something via SMS to your friends that you were looking at online? How about taking a photo through your phone but from your computer? Did you ever think you left your phone somewhere and wished there was an easy, free way to locate it? AirDroid provides these solutions and many more.

AirDroid screenshot
AirDroid lets Android users connect to their mobile device from a computer.

It’s probably worth saying that I cannot be up to date on every single app for every platform. Or, you could simply say on certain things I am far behind the curve! The other day I was trying to use Kies Air, which in my opinion sucks. Finally I broke down and did a search and quickly discovered AirDroid. Then I had one of those WTH moments where I couldn’t believe something so powerful existed and I could use it to get extents for free.

Down Sides?

As with everything there are downsides. Perhaps one of the most concerning downsides is that now it is possible for someone to crack my AirDroid account and have full access to my phone. They could message my friends, delete my files or apps, upload malicious content to my ‘Droid or do a few other damaging things. There is also the fact that now my phone is connected to a cloud service which is basically outside of the standard security protocols offered by Samsung and Sprint.

29% of US Shoppers Use Mobile For Research/Inspiration

Every small business must have a mobile friendly website. Forget expensive mobile applications that people don’t want to download; we’re talking about a responsive design website people can use on their mobile device.  With today’s powerful content delivery systems small business owners, and individuals, can be online and ready for mobile in just a matter of hours. Here is why they should:

graph of mobile shopping stats showing US 29% of shoppers research online before buying
Nearly 30% of US shopping involves online research or inspiration.

Obviously no intelligent business owner would choose to neglect such a large buying population. In real numbers that percentage represents millions of people. As Google continues to improve their search results you can be sure they will, at least consider, omitting sites which are not mobile ready from the results of searches performed on a mobile device.

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Is My Site Mobile Ready?

*Best way to check your site that I know of at this time, that is. I am certain if you know a better way you will share it in the comments and we’ll check it out!

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How do I know if my site is mobile ready?

Nearly 50% of web access happens from a mobile device, either a smartphone or a tablet. For some content the ratio is even higher. If you are not ready you have already missed the first several months of the mobile revolution, but it’s not too late to get started now.

I know, you’re thinking, “but I have already spent a ton of money and I’m still not getting my investment back!” That’s probably not a good reason to stop in the middle of the street. In fact, I find most of my clients are just a couple of steps away from turning their website performance around and actually generating income, instead of only racking up expenses.

Watch this short(ish) video then come back and let’s look at some things.

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SoLoMo – the convergence of Social, Local and Mobile


SoLoMo - Social Local Mobile

Like every other piece of buzz, or most other buzz at least, SoLoMo is not the end all. You will still be able to market other ways but for the local business: the chiropractor, the real estate agent, the auto repair center, and other services offering services within a relatively narrow diameter – SoLoMo is now.  Much like the yellow directories of yesterday SoLoMo focuses on local market areas with a higher transactional focus.


Breaking it down

Social is the first of the trinity of flavors. For our purposes, new media/online marketing, social begins online and ends in personal space. Sites like MeetUp and the horribly abused Facebook Events make it easy to plan and coordinate live events. (Yes, I know there are others – feel free to spam your own in the comments section.)

Local is relative. For a car dealer local may mean a 50 mile radius while for a chiropractor or cafe local is a 5 mile radius. This was an early challenge to marketers online and I addressed it as best I could back in 1998 when I wrote on iCobb, “in the future many websites will use IP numbers to determine an approximate location and deliver information more relevant to the visitor”. At the time most sites would have the user input a geographic location then poll the database based on user input. Now it’s blind on most sites.

Mobile is growing and will likely be the standard for the foreseeable future. As wireless bandwidths get faster and mobile devices take the place of laptops and desktops more and more users will make their first search and connection with others online. Apps like, a currently sparsely populated application, will make geolocal engagement a natural part of life.

Putting it all together

Often the reaction from small and medium businesses alike is, “how are we supposed to keep up and master all of these marketing challenges?” It really is not that difficult. In fact in today’s online world there are many solutions to provide everything you need to get started a a reasonable cost or simply an investment of time.

Business owners, more than anything else, need protection from scammers and inadequately experienced providers who will do little more than stir the waters and leave half-done things that would have been better never started. Keep this in mind: your brand is at stake. Having a half-assed social media presence, a blog you never write on or respond to comments on, a Twitter account you never check or a Foursquare special that expires 4 months ago is almost as bad as having a “Food’s great but the service sucks” sign on the front door of your restaurant.

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Are you optimized for the mobile web?

You have heard it, you’ve read about it, people who appear to know stuff have told you: the digital revolution is unwired and if you don’t feed it what it needs to exist it will move on without you. When is this going to happen? It’s already, almost, so last year.

We cannot imagine the resistance Alexander Bell experienced. I remember hearing old people talking about it back int he 60’s saying they thought the phone would be a huge invasion and some called it “the devil’s box”. Why do we always credit “the devil” with innovation? But I digress. Let’s look at communications changes over the last few thousand years:Infographic of the history of communications

When I was in communcations classes some 30 years ago we were told 90% of the advancements in communications had been made since 1900. The number today must be closer to 99% of the advancements since 1969.

Many humans are slow to embrace change. Those who are generally miss the opportunity to leverage the excitement of new chances. Now we all know not everyone can do everything. You can’t be a specialist at real estate and a social media guru and a web programmer and a mobile technology expert … the list goes on. You can, however, use the technology as it is made available to you as an “early adopter”.

The important reason to be an early adopter is because if you are a late adopter by the time you start using the old technology another technology has come into play and the old technology is dead. Why is this important? Be where your buyers are coming instead of where they have already been.

We know, now, after me being laughed and scoffed at by Mrs. Garner some 15 years ago, over 80% of all home searches are started on the internet. I bet if she were still in the business she’d have a website just like every other agent. But I wonder if she would scoff at me when I called to tell her she needs to optimze her website for mobile?

What does this mean, “optimize for mobile”?

Simply put a website created for display on a larger screen laptop or desk top computer is not going to present well on a smaller screen mobile device. The browsers, for the most part, are completely different, smaller in byte size and present the web pages in a different manner than when used on a computer. Even though mobile is new it is re-inventing a few wheels to make use of existing data in the new technology.

The subject is vast and a complete dissemination of the topic is far beyond the scope of a simple blogpost like this one. Do some research. Check your stats (you do track them, right?) and see how much of your web traffic comes from mobile. On one of my sites I’m at 13%. Thirteen percent. Would you close your doors to 13 out of 100 people who tried to come and buy from you?

Then there’s video. Don’t scoff – mobile and video go together like movies and popcorn …

See you at REtechSouth. Speaking of video, come dressed for your debut. I’ll be doing free green screen sessions at the event! My session is on how to actually cut through the smoke and generate some leads online. Not theory, my actual tools that I use and have used to generate millions in gross income.

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