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If You Must Use iPhone But Want to Manage Excel …


I read a tech opinion a few weeks ago where a real estate agent was asking how she could manage her Excel files (a Windows mark) on her iPhone and iPad. Of course my first suggestion would be to get an Android phone and tablet and do things right. However I recognized you may already have invested double in an Apple product so why invest more in tools you have to pay for to accomplish this simple task?

If you have an Apple mobile product but work on a Windows (or any PC other than a Mac) you can store thousands of documents for free on Google docs. You can also edit your files easily on any Android device without any additional necessities. If you use an Apple product, however, there is a solution and that is the iGoogDocs available in the App Store for only $1.99

Apple to Use Screens from Sharp for Lower Power, Thinner Profile?

Thin … there’s something the world needs! Not being a regular iPad user I’m not sure about the longevity of a battery charge but I’m guessing anything longer than current is always a plus, right?

The screens are indium gallium zinc oxide flat panels referred to by the acronym IGZO. In addition to thinning the profile and making better use of battery resources by increasing electron mobility the screens will present a 330 dpi display for sharp, no pun intended, HD.

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Cool iPhone Gadgets: iRig

iRig for iPhone

iRig for iPhone

iRig for iPhone/iPad

iRig – suggested retail price $59.95 or on Amazon for about $40

So you’re hanging out on a rainy weekend with nothing much to do but you have your guitar and you’d like to send someone special back home that addictive tune you’ve had in your head. Thing is all you have is your iPhone with it’s so-so audio. Then you remember you read this article on thekencook.com about a portable mini studio type device for your iPhone and you asked for it from your mom for Christmas and there’s a package you still haven’t opened (right, just play along) so you open it and inside there is a … iRig.

Within minutes you have use VocaLive, AmpliTube and iRig Recorder to create a rich, effects filled song you then set to a video which you upload to YouTube. Within hours a mega-producer named Simon something or other sees your video on YouTube and you’re on a private jet on the way to Atlanta to record your … again, play along.