How to See All Your Group Memberships (Likes) on Facebook


I had a message this morning asking how a small business owner who uses Facebook for marketing can see all of the groups to which they are a member – or have “liked”. It used to be very simple and still is but there is an even easier way if you care to know. The first thing I did was to create a bookmark. You won’t even have to do that because I am going to give it to you in just a moment. Whenever I need to see my “memberships” I simply make sure I am logged in to Facebook and click the link to show all of the groups.

Why join Facebook groups?

Facebook groups are a great way to find people who are focused on one topic or at least a smaller range of topics. If you are a hair stylist, for example, you may want to join a group that talks about everything from new hair care products, progressive ways to make more profit from your chair(s) or just vent about how customers act and do so in a private setting. Find a CLOSED group that does not offer access to the public if you want to vent! There is nothing wrong with venting but bashing in public is a no-no.

Groups give the members the opportunity to learn and teach. Find a group you fit in with and be pro-active in your membership there. If you don’t like to group it’ s simple enough to leave and you can do so from the link I’m giving you – or just click the image. Click here to see all of your Facebook groups when logged in to Facebook.

You can find a Facebook group about any topic you can think of. If you don’t find one you can create a group – which leads to another article on another day about “Why Create a Facebook Group”.

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How do you leave a Meetup group?

leave-a-meetup-groupUPDATED JANUARY 2016

Login. Go to the Meetup you want to leave. Hover over the organizer’s “My Profile” link (see the image). Click on “Leave Meetup”. Confirm. Done. Thank you.

True it would be easier to do this from your Profile but the fine folks at Meetup seem to think their way is better. I suppose you shouldn’t want to leave more than one Meetup at a time but should you want to do so you’ll have to repeat the above process for each group.

(The original post is below. Useless, but still here.)

There you are, trapped in a litany of emails, invites and communications from your fellow Meetup group members. Only thing is you really want to get out.

There is only one way I know of to get out. Even though you would think this should be easy to find it’s somewhere between difficult and impossible. This is probably by design to keep you stuck in groups you’re tired of being in. Thanks to the friendly designers.

One way out

You could wait until the next time you get an email from the group and click the link to manage your email settings hoping to get out that way. Sorry, you’ll only find yourself in a maze of “where’s the @&#$ button”? So instead just login to Meetup, click on the “Account” link in the upper right corner. Then click on the “Membership and Communication” link in the left sidebar menu.

You should now see all the groups you are a member of and be able to click the “Leave this group” link. Oh, but you’re not done. Now you get the¬†opportunity¬†to explain why you want to leave. Actually, you should. As a meetup organizer I know how much this helps me and I’m sure others would appreciate that info as well.

If you know another way please leave it in the comments along with a link back to your group or site.