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How To Manage Facebook Page Likes and Unlikes


It happens. You stay up too late and like a page you wouldn’t have like had you been well rested. Now that page keeps spamming you and you don’t know how to un-follow that page. Now you will. Un-following, un-liking, leaving a Facebook page is really simple if you just know where to look and what to do when you get there. This short video should help you quickly leave any or all of your Facebook pages or find new ones to like or follow.

Watch the short video then go to Manage Facebook Page Likes and have fun!

Great tool for finding Twitter connections



If you have used Twitter for more than about 15 minutes for business or networking purposes it did not take you long, at least the first time, to find the right people to follow. That day is long gone. There are fee services in abundance. There are quite a few free services, maybe even one I am not aware of, but most of them really aren’t even worth that price.


Produced by Spanish e24Apps “is a network of Twitter applications which are mainly focused on helping users to find and follow the right users. Our network can be your best partner to promote your Twitter accounts with banners or featured users. Our tools are also good to advertise your Twitter applications or any other social media products or services.”