How Do I Delete My Facebook Account?

Not everyone wants to stay on Facebook. How to leave Facebook is simple.
Not everyone wants to stay on Facebook. How to leave Facebook is simple.

I had a rather unique question today and I really had not thought of it. “How do I delete my Facebook account?” Of course I wanted to make sure the caller was asking how to delete the entire account, remove their self from a group, leave a page or just exactly what the goal was.

“No, I want to completely remove everything from Facebook. I don’t want anything to do with it anymore.” – should do it.

The link below shows how to deactivate your account which leaves the data online should you want to reactivate at a later date.

Before you go, especially if you are a small business person, please make sure all of your concerns have been addressed in an appropriate manner by knowledgeable persons. There is a great amount of unfounded fear about Facebook circulating in certain groups and if you really are interested in capitalizing on the massive numbers of people who participate at Facebook I would encourage you to have all of your questions and concerns answered.

Before you click that delete button either contact me or my friend Mike Mueller and we’ll be very happy to listen and give realistic answers. If you just want to go – then go! Happy hunting.

A Tale of Two Clicks: Like vs Buy

In this quick click trick we talk about two buttons, two clicks: 1 button says “Like” and the other button says “Buy”. Which came first the Like or the Buy? Which one is an investment and which is a return. Since there has been online media, social media and “web traffic” the war has raged about which is more important between mass numbers of traffic with a low ratio of transactions or highly targeted traffic with a high ratio of transactions.

Today is no different and the question is not completely answered. Hopefully this is enough thought starter to make sure your social media efforts are on target with your cost and revenue goals. If not let’s talk about what those may be and see what it will take to get you where you want, and need, to be.

How To Manage Facebook Page Likes and Unlikes

It happens. You stay up too late and like a page you wouldn’t have like had you been well rested. Now that page keeps spamming you and you don’t know how to un-follow that page. Now you will. Un-following, un-liking, leaving a Facebook page is really simple if you just know where to look and what to do when you get there. This short video should help you quickly leave any or all of your Facebook pages or find new ones to like or follow.

Watch the short video then go to Manage Facebook Page Likes and have fun!

Using Facebook to Vet Employee Applicants

Whether you are an employer, recruiter or employee you can bet Facebook can play a part in your role. Recently I needed to retain a contractor to help with some coding. I had been through my normal channels and needed to go outside so I went through a freelancing service which I have used in the past. I narrowed down from 68 applicants to 5 and then from 5 down to 2 by using some quickly written “tests” to see if (a) they understood the task and (b) could quickly solve it.

Once I finally narrowed down to the last two I began to research them to see what was available. I found both of them quickly online – within 10 seconds. Both of them have open (public) Facebook pages. One is apparently “just a normal kid” and likes all the type of music, art, television and other pop-culture you would expect of a 26 year old in today’s world.  Likewise the other candidate demonstrates all of the same attributes except he adds an obvious love for his profession.

The second candidate posts several photos of his association with his computer engineers society, school events and much more. I also found out quite a bit about his family, friends and love for nature just by looking at his Facebook page.

After doing this bit of searching and sending a couple of last email messages I decided to hire the second one I describe and he will begin immediately. This inspired me to write a post about using Facebook to vet or even locate prospective contractors and employees. Imagine my surprise when I opened my Facebook to do a little research and found what is featured in the image at the top of my stream.

Future Considerations

This young lady obviously was unhappy in her previous employment. She was so excited to have quit and been “freed from the slavery” she decided to post it on Facebook along with an interesting little twist. Now as I read this I read it not as a “friend” but as a prospective employer. See if you think this would be good to find if you at just about to offer this person a position with your company.

As employers you can find plenty of information on public profiles and there are ways to get information even from private profiles. For the last one you’ll just need to use a little imagination and it may take a little longer. For Facebook users this could serve as a warning to remember you’re leaving your public, or at best semi-private, diary for everyone and anyone to read.

Writing about an existing employer is something everyone should understand and with the mounting number of stories of that not ending well people are learning. What they may not understand, as is presented in an obvious manner here, is future employers or recruiters are going to read what you wrote about past employers as well.

Think, think, think, post.

How to See All Your Group Memberships (Likes) on Facebook

I had a message this morning asking how a small business owner who uses Facebook for marketing can see all of the groups to which they are a member – or have “liked”. It used to be very simple and still is but there is an even easier way if you care to know. The first thing I did was to create a bookmark. You won’t even have to do that because I am going to give it to you in just a moment. Whenever I need to see my “memberships” I simply make sure I am logged in to Facebook and click the link to show all of the groups.

Why join Facebook groups?

Facebook groups are a great way to find people who are focused on one topic or at least a smaller range of topics. If you are a hair stylist, for example, you may want to join a group that talks about everything from new hair care products, progressive ways to make more profit from your chair(s) or just vent about how customers act and do so in a private setting. Find a CLOSED group that does not offer access to the public if you want to vent! There is nothing wrong with venting but bashing in public is a no-no.

Groups give the members the opportunity to learn and teach. Find a group you fit in with and be pro-active in your membership there. If you don’t like to group it’ s simple enough to leave and you can do so from the link I’m giving you – or just click the image. Click here to see all of your Facebook groups when logged in to Facebook.

You can find a Facebook group about any topic you can think of. If you don’t find one you can create a group – which leads to another article on another day about “Why Create a Facebook Group”.

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WordPress like button plugins – Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

WordPress Plugin: Simple Like Buttons

Here’s a WordPress plugin many people can use. The situation is that I had separate Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons scattered at the top of my posts. While I wanted them at the top I would prefer for them to all be aligned in a single row. I searched a bit in the WordPress plugins directory for Facebook Like, Twitter tweet and Google Plus 1 but was finding only individual plugins for each social media site.

Just as I was about to give up on the search and code my own I found Simple LikeButtons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter). In the image it appears the buttons are at the top of the post, and they are, but “out of the box” this plugin places the buttons at the bottom of the posts where I happen to have a lot of other things going on. Unfortunately the plugin also does not have a way through their built in options to do anything other than select which buttons are displayed.

Since WordPress works around something called “the loop” and this plugin was very simply coded (some plugins are packed with code but this one relies on much third party coding so it is much smaller and simpler) I knew it would be pretty easy to find the location in the script which handled the location task and modify it. I suppose I could have modified the admin options script but if I did that I would like re-code the entire script and submit it to the repository myself.

The “fix” is so easy that anyone even without any PHP or JavaScript or even HTML to do it. You can watch the short video for a visual instruction. If you need me to do it for you I can and will. Just contact me and I’ll get it done … $25 for this. Enjoy!

Facebook keyboard shortcuts you’ll want to know

Ever been in a hurry to find your privacy settings but just couldn’t remember how to get to them? I confess I have looked for them for more than just a few seconds until I remembered where they were or just blindly stumbled on them. Try this when you’re logged on to Facebook and need to see your privacy settings quickly, press the Alt key and the 7 key at the same time. Bam! There ya go. Alt+7 on Facebook takes you directly to your privacy settings.

So what are the others? There are some good ones, I’ve even put them into a printable page you can bookmark or print if you like. You can find the printable sheet of Facebook keyboard commands here. I’m using my Windows7 machine right now since I’m at the office so I haven’t tried these on Mac or Ubuntu but go ahead and see if they work. I am using Chrome on Windows7 but if you are using FireFox just add the shift key (Shift+Alt+KEY):

Alt+1: View your News Feed
Alt+2: View your own Profile
Alt+3: View pop-up of friend requests
Alt+4: View pop-up of messages
Alt+5: View pop-up of notifications
Alt+6: View Account Settings
Alt+7: View Privacy Settings
Alt+8: View Facebook’s own profile
Alt+9: Read latest Terms of Service agreement.
Alt+?: Search
Alt+m: Compose a new message

Speaking of Facebook

The other day we had an Advanced Facebook: Techniques and Technology round table on Social Media Edge. I have included it here for you to listen and if you are not a regular listen please join us. Go to Social Media Edge and sign up for the “Smokin’ Hot Social Media News” and join us every Tuesday at Noon Eastern (9AM Pacific).

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If I “Like” Your Page, What Is That Worth?

We’re all still exploring new territory. Oh I know there are some people who have offered concrete facts based on opinion alone – keep your eyes on them they’ll be re-adjusting their facts with time, they always do. Let’s talk for just a minute about the value of a Facebook “Like”. Fortunately I’ll be able to give you some data from a reputable study and I’ll accompany that with my normal advocacy for thinking like a small businessperson. See most studies follow enterprise corporations like the one I currently work for. After all how exciting is data from Mary Lou’s Nails and Curls? Well, for Mary Lou it’s not only exciting but crucial to her success.

Facebook likes buttons fans
What is a Facebook "Like" worth to small business?

Our example proves enterprise data to be more exciting because the target mark for this Vitrue study from 2010 uses a factor of 1,000,000 fans. If Mary Lou has that many fans I’m giving this report only to her and in a closed conference room. She ain’t got that many – she’s reading this because it’s free and that’s her budget for social support (or at least that’s what she thinks so far). You’re more like Mary Lou than the example company with a million fans. Still, let’s look at their projections.

Essentially, according to a report in AdWeek, Vitrue’s studies and calculations conclude that with 1,000,000 fans (likes) this “translates into at least $3.6 million in equivalent media over a year”. In other words with 1,000,000 fans you can save $3.6 million in online (PPC) advertising, theoretically. This happens because “Likes” are shared on users activity stream and is syndicated to their audiences in addition to yours. You just increased your reach because of something your fan did and that did not cost you a cent.

“Vitrue arrived at its $3.6 million figure by working off a $5 CPM, meaning a brand’s 1 million fans generate about $300,000 in media value each month. Using Vitrue’s calculation, Starbucks’ 6.5 million fan base — acquired in part with several big ad buys — is worth $23.4 million in media annually.” – AdWeek

Chances are if you are reading my little blog post you don’t have 1 million fans. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. We need to graduate you from me. My readers are more likely to have 10,000 or fewer fans with the exception of a few guests from Social Media Edge Radio who just happened to be interested enough to read. More than like you are in the 300 to 3,500 fan range so how do we calculate the value for you?

Simple but oh so complex:

  • Have a measurable strategy
  • Use landing pages with analytics turned on
  • Collect data or make a sale on your landing page
  • Compare your data at least weekly if not daily
    • Record your fans
    • Record your click-throughs from Facebook
    • Record the number of interactions/sales
    • Keep track of your spending for Facebook ads
  • Be prepared to make adjustment to your campaign but annotate your data as such
  • After 90 days check your numbers and make the comparison

(If you don’t know how to do this that’s what I do so call me.)

As I was writing this today I got a call from Jeff Belonger who had questions and comments about this exact issue. Jeff runs MyPhillieAlive on Facebook. He told me he has about 330 fans and has a post that was placed about 18 hours ago that already has over 600 impressions. If Jeff uses the technique above and draws people to his website or asks for interaction within the post he can then follow the data of impression to actions to consummations.

Think about a like. Imagine if you have 100 Facebook fans on your business page and you post an invitation to your next bake off. Chances are those first 100 fans are going to be friends, family and true fans. They are going to “Like” your post. Suppose only 10 of them like your post but on average those 10 have 500 Facebook friends. Your new potential market is 5100 eyes including their combined 5000 and your initial 100. If your subject matter is appealing to those who read it chances are you’re going to have a nicely increased amount of activity to your event.

Measuring traffic and consummations is key to knowing where your time is best spent. Facebook requires an understanding of the language most appealing to your fan base, regular (daily or more) interaction with your fans by posting to your fan page, and convincing them to convert to a financial transaction.

Image: watcharakun /

Very simple social media in 3 steps

By the way, baby steps are only easy for people who have already learned to walk. Most babies fail dozens or hundreds of times before they can even walk across the room. Be patient, keep trying.

I asked on The Hip Roof Radio last night what I can do better for attendees of the seminars and events where I speak. Sheri Moritz said, “We leave these seminars with our heads spinning because we’re so full of SEO and ROI and metrics. Nobody ever takes the time to say ‘this is how you create a Twitter account, here is why and here is what you do with a Twitter account once you have one.'”


Speaking on Applied Social Systems at Xplode

Loudly And Clearly.


Part I

If you do not have a website with landing page capabilities on a server account you control – get one.

If you do not have a Facebook account you will never get a referral or client from Facebook.

If you do not have a Twitter account you will never get a referral or client from Twitter.

If you do not have a LinkedIn account you will never get a referral or client from LinkedIn.

Part II

Beware of bloggers, gurus and commenters with great sounding theories and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS shop for price before paying ANYONE for services such as setting up your WordPress blog. Think long and hard before you let someone handle your social media content for you because it’s not their license at risk – it’s yours and maybe your broker’s, too.

Part III

Here is how anyone can succeed in social media and I mean any one. Success is relative but this will get you there. DO NOT GIVE UP TRADITIONAL MARKETING IF IT IS WORKING! If you sell 3 houses at $3500 commission each a year from a $500 yellow sheet ad don’t stop. If post cards yield 2 sales commissions of $5000 per year at a cost of $1000 you’d be a bonehead to stop.

Get a website that can accept form data from visitors (landing pages, WordPress, hard coded – doesn’t matter)

Open accounts on at least those three social communities and use the same name or “handle” on all of them if at all possible

Write a short but very pointed profile (“I am a real estate agent with homes for sale in Tootooville. 678-439-8683”)

Make sure your branding is an accurate portrayal of you and your services and use the same branding on your website, Facebook profile, Twitter background, and LinkedIn profile.

Do not use social media like a town crier’s podium – get involved, join conversations that you did not start, make friends, do NOT sell sell sell (with some small exceptions)

Establish a specified time every day to touch every site for your own plan – you can change later but develop the habit of checking Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as posting to your blog. (ActiveRain is great but get your own blog on your own server, too.)


Twitter is so simple it is amazing. There are about 15 million real, actual users on Twitter. (source) That said most agents would be pleased to sell 1 more home per year for a 10 minute daily investment, yes? If you do not have a Twitter account go to Twitter and sign up. When asked to create a user name think about what your real name is, duh. This is not to say brand names are wrong but branding to your name is pretty simple and hard to duplicate (unless your name happens to be Ken Cook).

Whatever graphic representation you use in your marketing should be the icon for your Twitter account. You won’t burst into flames if it is not. It will be re-sized and squared so words generally are unwise. A good clean RECENT photo of yourself may be a good idea.

Find some friends you truly know on Twitter and follow them. Then message them to say, “Hi, I am finally on Twitter.” Do this for 10 minutes every day until you have a comfortable number of connections for you. I have 17,000 – I’m still comfortable but it is impossible for me to keep up with that many people manually so I use automation and lists. I use automation to “listen” for certain words. You may never need that but when you do I can help you.

Talk about whatever you want to talk about. Don’t listen to the “guru” who tells you not to tweet about what you are eating or where you went shopping – be yourself. If people do not like you for being yourself then you have still won. However … keep in mind Google listens to Twitter. This means people may actually find your Tweet with a link back to your landing page which asks for information from the visitor so you can provide them with the information about the content of your tweet.

Think of Twitter as a community picnic. You would not show up at the event and start shouting, “Hey! I have a listing at 123 Main!”, “Hey! Look at my post on Active Rain!” Certainly if you did your welcome would soon be worn out. Twitter is about engagement and providing value. Earn some respect and people will be more interested in what you are saying. That said you can do whatever you want and do nothing but feed your ActiveRain posts to Twitter. Google will find them. Just don’t ever let me hear you say, “I don’t get anything from Twitter”.


Twitter is the community event and Facebook is the high school or family reunion coupled with a little industry love. About the best you can do for branding on Facebook is your profile picture and the five thumbnails to the right. Some people are pretty slick with that. Take a look at Randy Barnes’ Facebook page.

There are different types of pages and incorrect use is a violation of FB terms. Businesses have available business pages, personal pages are (intended) only for personal use. There are tons of terms to learn at Facebook and Mike Mueller is a true Facebook expert.

Facebook business pages provide excellent marketing opportunities and FB ads work. I’m not guessing that they work – they absolutely work. I have generated many leads and closed transactions because of FB ads to highly targeted markets and demographics. I can help you with your Facebook ads or applications. Did you know you can accept form information on a custom coded Facebook business page? Take a look at the one I did for one of our branches here.

Security and privacy settings. Seriously, to get into this here would take hours to type and it sill would leave something out. Don’t worry about privacy on you business page which is where you want everyone to see everything anyway. Do what you want with privacy on your personal page.


Now to the Chamber of Commerce for social media. LinkedIn is all about business. It is a place to meet, engage and solicit other business people. LI groups are amazing and the more I use them the more I learn. Again, like Facebook, branding is limited but possible.

Every Tuesday night at 8PM eastern there is a chat on Twitter called LinkedInChat. I learn in there every week from people like @LinkedInExpert (Viveca von Rosen) how to use LI to increase the size of my network and learn from people who are experts in their fields.

Remember these six things

FUR and APE. Contact me and I will happily send you the white paper for free.

Next …

If you want more, deeper, faster, farther I’ve got it. I have been developing online applications, sites and communities since 1988. I still do it, full time. There are a lot of “new” people who have entered my industry. Some of them are pretty darned good. Very few of them are in the real estate industry. You can do one of a few things:

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I charge. It’s not a free service. However, I only accept payment through PayPal which has one of the most customer sided resolution services I have ever seen.

If I ran Facebook: 7 changes I would consider

We all see the complaints. Facebook makes changes without warning then suffers the brutality of the social network it supports. This event is generally followed by backtracking and scrambling to “fix what they broke”. Let children run a company, nation or social behemoth and that’s what you’re going to get: unilateral decisions that don’t work the way their inexperience believes it will followed by backtracking for one reason – saving face. It happens in politics, too.

Granted I’ve made mistakes and I am fully capable of making more. Inexperience has given way to crotchetiness (is that a word?) and low blood-sugar powered decisions. When faced with a larger scale decision than where to eat, however, I have enough experience that says, “get counsel, listen to other people, measure twice – cut once”.

If I ran Facebook it probably wouldn’t exist. But let’s say they called today and offered me the presidency with a $100,000,000 salary plus perks. I’d say yes then here are some of the things I would consider. What I am really after is what would you do?

  1. No more surprise changes – everything would be beta tested by a wide slice of users similar to the way WordPress changes are proposed, debated, fine tuned, beta tested, fine tuned, debated, tweaked, then released. This may even include focus groups to read through proposed changes to policy and security measures.
  2. Make privacy easier to understand and control – I know from having hosted Social Media Edge for the last 3 years privacy is one of the biggest concerns on Facebook. People really aren’t sure how to find the privacy controls and then navigate the obfuscated interface to fine tune privacy controls. Privacy controls could quickly and easily be made more navigable by even the most average of Facebook users.
  3. Add the inverse of “Like” – you know you have seen things on your wall that you simply wanted to voice your opinion on without commenting when your emotion was not to “like” what was presented. Obviously someone very high up in the Facebook organization equated “don’t like” with “you’re not playing on our team because you’re a nerd”. Get over it, give the people a “Dislike” option.
  4. Share the wealth – let users participate in a revenue sharing program by sharing the wealth from clicks or impressions of ads on their pages. It’s not that difficult. Call me, I’ll do it for you.
  5. Require “Opt-In” for games and apps – instead of making the user individually block apps and games give them one choice to opt-out of all invites from any apps or any games. Would you invite someone to your house then set your laundry in their lap to have them fold it? If the answer is yes I don’t want to know.
  6. Sell vanity URLs – the one thing I know most people would pay for would be vanity URLs. Sure, they are free right now but why? This is the one revenue stream that wouldn’t tick off the users but would still allow a major annual income. I would pay $5 a year to have a custom URL for my business pages. With 1,000,000,000 pages that’s, uhm, you’re to college kid – you cipher it.
  7. Real customer support – want to be really different and really freindly? Have a team of thousands to answer stupid questions. Allow them to wait in a chat cue and give them ads to view while they are waiting if staff is not available. So long as the wait is under 5-10 minutes most people are going to be happier asking someone how to turn off SMS notifications than if they have to Google it and click on those Google ads while they are at someone else’s “I HATE FACEBOOK” site. (No brainer.)

Those are just some thoughts I have had. Like I said earlier what I really want to know is what would you do differently?