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Empire Avenue Missions Part 2


Read Part 1 then come back …

SO the experiment with the “subscribe to @thekencook” was telling. It told me people will take your eaves and not subscribe to your mailing list. Well, not in great numbers. So I wanted to run a re-tweet campaign. My first (A) test was to create a link to Part 1 of the EAv missions experiment and offer 2k eaves to 20 people.  It did, indeed, result in 14 retweets meaning only 6 people stole from me instead of the 50 who stole from me in the first experiment.  Interestingly I also picked up 1 Favored and 9 followers.

From the A part of my A/B second EAv mission experiment.

Using the value of .0025 per eave and this costing me 80,000 eaves that breaks down to 5714 eaves per retweet or $1.43us per retweet. Worth it? Probably not for me. The good news is I have never bought an eave. Or maybe it’s not the good news. Is it worth it for big brands? Your brand?

At 2000 eaves the experiment was over in 6 minutes. For the (B) part of this re-tweet experiment I tweeted the same link using a different short code and offered 500 eaves to 20 people.

Do Missions on Empire Avenue Work?

This article is due in part to recent conversations with Jeremy Blanton @JB140 and Dwayne Kilbourne @dwaynekilbourne who both brought up their own experiments with Empire Avenue’s Missions. Thanks guys!

It would be unfair after only one test to say missions are a waste of eaves. In case you do not know eaves are the currency of Empire Avenue. If you don’t know Empire Avenue, EAv to users, here is a short conversation with Liz Strauss and Chris Pirillo on the topic of Empire Avenue.

[powerpress url="http://thekencook.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/empireave-pirillo-strauss.mp3"]

At the base level EAv is a game. It is a social game and very business friendly. There are currently a large percentage of my “friends” and social connections experimenting with EAv and writing about it still looking for gold in the social media realm. Still others are sitting in their grandmother’s basement playing Zelda and listening to the Star Wars soundtrack.

Not too long ago the fine folks over at EAv began touting a new part of “the game” called Missions. Recently it has been a hot topic among a few friends and acquaintances so I decided to try a mission myself. Having listened to different ways people have used missions I decided to see if I could pick up a few new subscribers to my Feedburner account for this website. Figure A is before the campaign began and Figure B is after it ended.

For my mission reward I offered 1500e (1500 eaves) for people to subscribe to the RSS feed. Indeed 53 people claimed my 1500e. The screen captures speak for themselves …

Figure 1 - before spending 79,500 eaves

Very simple social media in 3 steps

By the way, baby steps are only easy for people who have already learned to walk. Most babies fail dozens or hundreds of times before they can even walk across the room. Be patient, keep trying.

I asked on The Hip Roof Radio last night what I can do better for attendees of the seminars and events where I speak. Sheri Moritz said, “We leave these seminars with our heads spinning because we’re so full of SEO and ROI and metrics. Nobody ever takes the time to say ‘this is how you create a Twitter account, here is why and here is what you do with a Twitter account once you have one.’”


Speaking on Applied Social Systems at Xplode

Loudly And Clearly.


Part I

If you do not have a website with landing page capabilities on a server account you control – get one.

If you do not have a Facebook account you will never get a referral or client from Facebook.

If you do not have a Twitter account you will never get a referral or client from Twitter.

If you do not have a LinkedIn account you will never get a referral or client from LinkedIn.

Part II

Beware of bloggers, gurus and commenters with great sounding theories and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS shop for price before paying ANYONE for services such as setting up your WordPress blog. Think long and hard before you let someone handle your social media content for you because it’s not their license at risk – it’s yours and maybe your broker’s, too.

Part III

Here is how anyone can succeed in social media and I mean any one. Success is relative but this will get you there. DO NOT GIVE UP TRADITIONAL MARKETING IF IT IS WORKING! If you sell 3 houses at $3500 commission each a year from a $500 yellow sheet ad don’t stop. If post cards yield 2 sales commissions of $5000 per year at a cost of $1000 you’d be a bonehead to stop.

Get a website that can accept form data from visitors (landing pages, WordPress, hard coded – doesn’t matter)

Open accounts on at least those three social communities and use the same name or “handle” on all of them if at all possible

Write a short but very pointed profile (“I am a real estate agent with homes for sale in Tootooville. http://mycoolsitebyken.com 678-439-8683″)

Make sure your branding is an accurate portrayal of you and your services and use the same branding on your website, Facebook profile, Twitter background, and LinkedIn profile.

Do not use social media like a town crier’s podium – get involved, join conversations that you did not start, make friends, do NOT sell sell sell (with some small exceptions)

Establish a specified time every day to touch every site for your own plan – you can change later but develop the habit of checking Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as posting to your blog. (ActiveRain is great but get your own blog on your own server, too.)