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Empire Avenue Missions Part 2

Read Part 1 then come back … SO the experiment with the “subscribe to @thekencook” was telling. It told me people will take your eaves and not subscribe to your mailing list. Well, not in great numbers. So I wanted to run a re-tweet campaign. My first (A) test was to create a link to […]

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Do Missions on Empire Avenue Work?

This article is due in part to recent conversations with Jeremy Blanton @JB140 and Dwayne Kilbourne¬†@dwaynekilbourne who both brought up their own experiments with Empire Avenue’s Missions. Thanks guys! It would be unfair after only one test to say missions are a waste of eaves. In case you do not know eaves are the currency […]

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Very simple social media in 3 steps

By the way, baby steps are only easy for people who have already learned to walk. Most babies fail dozens or hundreds of times before they can even walk across the room. Be patient, keep trying. I asked on The Hip Roof Radio last night what I can do better for attendees of the seminars […]

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