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Free CSS menu maker

It is not always that one “can” create content and widgets “from scratch” sometimes it is about saving time and still achieving the same result. Every developer who has been developing for a year or more has already amassed a large library of re-usable code. Sometimes it is expedient for the developer and the client for the developer to access a simple tool to make the job go faster. Great developers pass the savings along to the client. Hint, hint.

Say a hard-coded site (not a CMS like WordPress or Joomla) needs a custom drop down menu and the site owner is a do-it-yourself kind of person. They could easily find code that could be modified by snooping or purchase software to create the menu. But why not use something that is free, fast and requires no download?

A complete novice can make a finished drop down menu in less than 10 minutes. The site allows for different layouts (you can see one in action on iCobb), themes and drop downs. The finished product is zipped up and comes with instructions. Go ahead and play around with it. If you just cannot figure it out then call me – I do charge but I’m very reasonable. 877-7000-KEN


Table CSS maker – down and dirty

HTML and CSS Table Border Style WizardLet’s face it. We all work really late sometimes coding or tweaking code and it’s easy to sometimes forget a CSS code for doing something we don’t often do manually. For example I was tweaking the CSS for a WordPress install on the forthcoming 365raysofhope.com and did not recall the CSS for all of the table formatting I needed. So, like any professional geek, I looked in my bag of tricks (happened to be my bookmarks called “Table Formatting”) and came across this neat little tool I have not used recently but was glad to have it today when I needed it.

It’s called the HTML and CSS Table Border Style Wizard and I love it. At first glance it may seem a little daunting to those of you who are just now diving in to CSS for style sheets or inline style but if you click around on it a bit you’ll soon get the hang of what it is doing.

CSS and HTML Source CodeLet’s say, for example, you wanted a “coupon” looking table like the one in the image with the red dashed lines. Sure you may remember that code is “border-style: dashed;” but maybe you don’t or maybe you don’t know that yet. What this tool does is allow you to tweak your table style until you get the formatting just as you like and then it gives you the copy and paste CSS code like in the image to the left.

If you are new to CSS and are not sure what it does or where it goes there is plenty of information at W3Schools about all aspects of web development and design. Today’s huge amount of out of the box solutions like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal (to name a few) still need tweaking if you want to truly have a customized website. Sure, you can find someone to change the images or use the built in theme selections but when you’re ready for something truly custom or to create your own custom theme you’ll need to know these techniques. Otherwise it’s just using settings on a customizable theme – not truly hot rodding your installation.

Have fun and if you have questions don’t ever hesitate to contact me at any of the methods including phone.