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Where are my Chrome cookies?!


Image: Paul / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Shhh. It’s okay. We know where your cookies are. You probably don’t even realize how many cookies you have actually accumulated but you are about to know for sure. To find your cookies in Chrome just takes a few click from your stock browser. You do not need to download a cookie plugin and you do not need to dig around in your hard drive directories. Go get some milk and we will go get your cookies.

How to turn off Google Chrome autofill

Some of you will say, “but why? That’s such a cool feature!” Okay, if you fill out forms with the exact same information all the time I’ll admit, it’s cool and useful. I run the lead generation division for my company and often transfer leads manually to a separate online database which means all of those fields from address to phone number and more.

The way the auto-fill works makes filling in a complete form a snap. If you only ever complete your own information when you fill in a form this is really time saving. Basically you type the first letter of your name and any matching fields from previously completed forms automatically populates. My wife, for example, loves to complete online surveys (yes, she actually gets paid for doing it, that’s not always a scam) and for her purposes it is beautiful.

What if you, like me, complete forms with several different people’s information? It really becomes a major hassle when do so if you get to the end of the form and you accidentally overwrite the entire form with the wrong information. Trust me, it happens. And it’s frustrating.