Found! Secrets to Massively Improve Blog Readership


Want to increase the hits to your site and the readership to your articles? Here’s how.

If you are a new reader please note this headline and part of the post are part of an ongoing experiment. I can, I mean I have the ability to, be very cheesy but I generally reserve it for my clients’ content – at least those who require it. The results of part of the experiment are published in this article. Enjoy!

The thing about data is it can be skewed. The great thing about A/B tests is the results show up in the data. Recently I ran a test with changing the titles of some blogs. First I used descriptive titles but no enticing language – just to get a base line. This was done on a single page site that only has short blurbs and just a very few subscribers. Eighteen to be exact. In reality most blogs don’t have thousands or even hundreds of subscribers so I wanted to use a site that would better proximate a start-up blog.

For seven days I used titles like, “WordPress is written using PHP, JavaScript and HTML” and “Most readers don’t take time to comment on blogs”. I placed the links to these posts on a Twitter account that has only about 250 connections just to make sure the results weren’t skewed by using an account with thousands of connections. I made sure to not use any SEO tricks and did not include any link sharing or social sharing tools.

I started the title experiment upswing by using the title, “Do not read this post unless …” and readership went from 0 to 4. The following day I posted with a title “If you can read this …” and readership went back down to 3. On the third day I used the title “10 Tricks Pros Use To Get Blog Readers” and readership jumped to 18. Six of those 18 came from the RSS feed and 10 came from Twitter. The other two came from shares. Keep in mind I was not using any link or social sharing on the page at all and the site was new and barely indexed by Google.

The results of the test showed:

Using power words like “Secrets”, “Amazing”, “How To”, and “10 Mistakes” resulted in higher hits. Also, using first letter caps instead of conventional headlines espoused by larger “news” type sites resulted in a higher number of hits. In other words styling titles “With All First Caps” instead of “With just one first cap”.

In case this all sounds too cheesy for you …

Not everyone cares about building readership, comments or subscriber base. Many of my clients do and many do not. Obviously this particular article is geared toward those who do and toward those who may need help doing so. I am available for consultative services as well as creating content for you. Just contact me and let’s connect on it.

Other A/B tests are coming to test the number of words in the title and a different set of keywords. This test did not provide for the visitors to comment and a future one will. I also intend to add social sharing tools. By the way … this post was a test, too.