NCAA Tournament Scores to Dominate Weekend Social Media


Get prepared – NCAA fans will rule the tweets and Facebooks this weekend and beyond. With Round 1 of the NCAA Basketball Tournament well under way you’ll probably learn more about your jocular connections than you ever really cared! In the event you actually care about basketball and the NCAA event here are some tools and tips to help keep you “squared up” on the progress:

On Twitter you can follow the NCAA Tournament News Tweets search results.

You can also follow the March Madness hashtag #MarchMadness for a flurry of results.

NCAA basketball tournament bracket scores newsIf you want to go really nuts you can follow this crazy scheme on TweetGrid for NCAA Tournament Scores and News.

If you’re lazy you can scan the image to the right and go to the same link as above: (use your smart phone, dummy)

If you have a Blackberry you can follow the NCAA scores with this Blackberry app.

For iPhone users there are a couple of choices of NCAA tournament apps in the iPhone store.

Here is a pocket load of smart phone apps including several for the best of all mobile operating systems, Android. NCAA tournament apps.

So while you’re here … predictions? Your favorite way to track?