AirDroid Gives You Online Control of Your Droid

AirDroid screenshot

How many times have you been sitting at your laptop or desktop and wished you could send something via SMS to your friends that you were looking at online? How about taking a photo through your phone but from your computer? Did you ever think you left your phone somewhere and wished there was an easy, free way to locate it? AirDroid provides these solutions and many more.

AirDroid screenshot
AirDroid lets Android users connect to their mobile device from a computer.

It’s probably worth saying that I cannot be up to date on every single app for every platform. Or, you could simply say on certain things I am far behind the curve! The other day I was trying to use Kies Air, which in my opinion sucks. Finally I broke down and did a search and quickly discovered AirDroid. Then I had one of those WTH moments where I couldn’t believe something so powerful existed and I could use it to get extents for free.

Down Sides?

As with everything there are downsides. Perhaps one of the most concerning downsides is that now it is possible for someone to crack my AirDroid account and have full access to my phone. They could message my friends, delete my files or apps, upload malicious content to my ‘Droid or do a few other damaging things. There is also the fact that now my phone is connected to a cloud service which is basically outside of the standard security protocols offered by Samsung and Sprint.

If You Must Use iPhone But Want to Manage Excel …

I read a tech opinion a few weeks ago where a real estate agent was asking how she could manage her Excel files (a Windows mark) on her iPhone and iPad. Of course my first suggestion would be to get an Android phone and tablet and do things right. However I recognized you may already have invested double in an Apple product so why invest more in tools you have to pay for to accomplish this simple task?

If you have an Apple mobile product but work on a Windows (or any PC other than a Mac) you can store thousands of documents for free on Google docs. You can also edit your files easily on any Android device without any additional necessities. If you use an Apple product, however, there is a solution and that is the iGoogDocs available in the App Store for only $1.99

Now the recommendations made by, actually a friend, are okay but¬†unnecessary. While they recommended DropBox and DocsToGo chances are that’s little more than a waste of money for most people (I do use them both but they can be overkill for many). Google Docs is free and iGoogDocs is $1.99 which is much better than $19.99 and $75 per year.

No intended disrespect to my friend(s) but this would be my advice for those using iPhones and iPads to catch up with the Droid patrol.

A $35 Android Tablet? It’s Real.

In fact the first 100,000 units will be distributed freely to students. The government then has ordered even more to close the digital divide and this is no sloucher. The unit features:

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 32 GB storage
  • 2x USB ports
  • 7-inch screen 800√ó480 resolution
  • Memory slot
Heck, that almost beats my Xoom! Oh, there is a catch … this product is available only in India and is totally produced in the country in an effort to help the 1.2 billion Indian citizens and residents overcome the divide that separates the poor from the wealthy as has happened on other major, emerging markets.
Read more about it here or here.