Social marketing points for BlockBuster

Using automated social engagement without creating noise?

Calling me an avid FourSquare user would not be accurate but I do check-in several times a week of late. I don’t really go that many “cool” places so my check-ins are like the grocery store, the bank, getting a hair cut, work, and the gas station. Which, in my case, generally means the QuickTrip around the corner from my home.

With the Georgia sun beating down and the temperature near triple digits today I decided I wanted a fountain Coke Zero. Oh, I had one in the can in the fridge but there is something about that highly carbonated water and syrup mixture the can just does not quite capture. So, off I went to the store and decided to check-in on FourSquare while there in hopes of, just maybe, reclaiming the mayorship. See, I’m not the only sad-sack because someone else is actually the mayor of my QT. At one time it was my friend Kathy Drewien but she abdicated.

When I returned home I heard Tweetcaster notifying me through my Evo of a new tweet. Logging on to the web version I found the tweet you see to the right. Now while I was at QT I noticed the Blockbuster video box on the sidewalk out front. There it was all neatly tucked next to the cases of bottled water. Almost, I say almost, I took a photo of it to go into my FourSquare check-in. Alas, I opted for the wall sign.


BlockBuster #winning in Social Media?

The tweet was from Blockbuster. I had posted my check-in to Twitter, not to Facebook, and Blockbuster had left me the response you see in the graphic.

What’s the point?

I am often asked if I use automation for myself or my clients in social media. The answer is yes, I do. Amazingly the act is sometimes criticized as “noise” or “spam”. No one is more concerned with noise in the social space than yours truly. There is a difference between noise, spam and valuable insertion of an automated delivery. (Do not tweet “iPad” without expecting true spam!)

I give BlockBuster kudos for a well-timed and relevant automated engagement. Did I respond? You bet! I clicked the link and wrote a post about it and will likely talk about it on Social Media Edge radio on the show where Guy Kawasaki is my guest.

How can you monitor key terms and engage this way without being spammy?

As much as I would love to drop a paragraph here being an end all answer it really is not possible to do so. I will say you could, and this certainly is not the only way or the easiest way, create a tweetalert to let you know when your keywords are tweeted. Unfortunately that may be too slow in response. So if you are interested just connect with me or phone me 877-7000-KEN and we can talk. Talking is free. If you are really serious about seeing result from your online presence you don’t “have” to pay anyone but if you’re serious you’ll want the best and want it fast.


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