Small business websites: what should they do?

This is one of those questions like, “how much is a car?” Further the answer, it seems, is completely subjective from the perspective of the person being asked. So that would be the first step, finding out how many small business websites the person being asked has actually created and how successful they were or are – the sites that is.

Small Business network

Small Business Network - Image: jscreationzs

Having developed a few hundred and having operated a few quite successful ones for many years I have learned a few things. So here is one of those answers “from my perspective” about what the generic topic small business website should do:

  • accept input from the visitor at least in the form of a “Contact Me” form – I actually put this above content because I have had sites which had only a contact form during development and it worked for the site owner.
  • include a phone number – no matter how new school we get people still want that tactile interface.
  • deliver a concise and easy to read message in the content about what the site owner does for clients.
  • allow users to comment and make recommendations on the site – I know, you’re old school, you may disagree, but in today’s open book society letting customers comment on your pages makes a big difference to some potential clients.
  • provide a menu of services so people can choose – a good example would be a building contractor who does electrical. Many people may not know what all that includes. They may not know, for example, if you also install solar panels or static control – let them know!
There are so many important considerations to factor in to your small business website it is impossible to relate there here in such a short article. Think of your goals, be realistic in how you can achieve them, work with a professional small business website developer, remember this is a long hike not a short sprint.


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