The Secret Power of Product Descriptions

quad cooker grill
quad cooker grill

When you describe your product are you telling people you know? Or, are you telling them what they need to know to become a client? (Image: QuadCooker)

I have a client who has an amazing product. It is the result of a lot of science and technology which makes it possible to do something fantastic with relative ease. When you ask him about the product he can tell you amazing stories about the technology that goes into it, why it does what no others of it’s class can do, and even about the technical process by which each component is manufactured.

Cool, but useless information. What really matters is that this product can take an ordinary person and make them a super-star in this particular function. People love the results from this product and it makes the time they spend together highly memorable. So, tell me about your product or service below in the comments section and let’s see how you do!

Here Are Some Helpful Examples

A clothing manufacture once gave me the following content for their online catalog description of an item, “Manufactured of 100% recycled¬†materials in the USA. Long sleeves, triple stitch reinforced collar and cuffs. Total weight 7.4 ounces.” I asked them to send me one. I put it on and it felt like I was sliding into a soft, warm cocoon but it didn’t suffocate me; My skin could still breath. I washed it and it only got better. Plus, the tag was printed on instead of clawing at the back of my neck. So, here’s what I came up with:

The most comfortable, warm, and luxurious long-sleeved pull over shirt you will find, anywhere. The magic in the material only improves when laundered and the no-tag design is as comfortable as a mother’s hug. Lightweight, breathable and made in the good old USA from 100% recycled materials.

Which would you order? Let’s do an exercise that also give you a chance to advertise a product here on my blog. Write us a description of your product or service. And, I tell you what, let’s have a contest. For the description that gets the most likes (and it must get at least 10) I’ll send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card. (We’ll end the contest on October 15.)