Remove An Old Site From JetPack

If you’re like me you often connect your client’s sites to JetPack through your account. I do this so I can easily manage them without extra fees or applications. Then one day when you’re looking at your JetPack dashboard you realize you have a few dozen sites you no longer need to have. So, how do you disconnect them and remove them from your JetPack admin panel? Simple!

  1. go to
  2. login to your account
  3. click “My Sites”
  4. click “Switch Sites”
  5. click on the site you want to disconnect
  6. look in the main panel (to the right)
  7. scroll down to “JetPack”
  8. click on “Disconnect Site”
  9. confirm “Disconnect”

The image at the top is what you will be doing in step 9.

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