Social Media is the new customer suggestion box


Remember when businesses used to have those little wooden boxes with the pencil taped to it labeled “Suggestion Box”? In case you have wondered where they went, you’re reading one now. Bloggers and social media have replaced that suggestion box en force. While the old version, aka the suggestion box, was anonymous and lacking the echo effect of social media the tangibility of it made it somehow seem more real. In retrospect it was much less powerful and capable of initiating change. The way the old box worked (or still works when used) was generally by sitting on the counter until someone remembered to empty it. The suggestions may or may not have been highly regarded and (speaking from experience) may have consisted, at […]

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Old content on your blog, is it good or bad?


Last night during #mediachat on Twitter the conversation lead to deleting content. Now the content primarily being discussed involved tweets that may contain incorrect or libelous information. This topic is always contentious so what I state here is pragmatic from life’s experiences rather than data backed. You see I have chosen the photo of an “old man” to illustrate the point. Tweet This Content: Old website content. Delete it? When old content is timeless it is pretty much undisputed that it should remain. Perhaps occasionally managed to change vernacular or augment information, this web content is much like the memories of that old man. Just because they are old memories does not make them ineffective. In fact, they may just […]

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How To Build Your Customer’s Confidence In You


First day of school, first day of a new job, first date, first day of boot camp…remember those feelings? Sometimes your customers are experiencing just those emotions when dealing with you for the first time. You’re in luck, though. I’m old and have been down that street from both sides. Plus I read a lot. Plus my sister was literally a master at confidence building. Of course this is not a self-help article; This is a helping other article. Building confidence in others is quite difference from building confidence in yourself. Also there are multiple personality types to deal with – certain actions cause specific responses in others. There is no way in this short blog post to cover all […]

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6 Awesome Online Color Tools


I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t have the greatest eye for colors. Fortunately for you, the novice and professional designer, I found some color tools to spare you the gaudiness of my earlier designs. Oh, you noticed, I’m still not the greatest designer – but I don’t claim to be! Ahem, we all need a little help and these 6 tools, online and for free, can help you match colors perfectly. Palleton.Com Palleton makes it easy to find and use color palettes that are monochromatic, adjacent colors, triad, tetrad and free. It’s easy to use and you’ll quickly learn to depend on it for your quick, down and dirty design jobs. Once you select a set of […]

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Top 6 Mistakes Small Businesses Make On Twitter


Twitter is still a very viable marketing stream. Though it’s not the engagement stream as much as it once was it is still, as Guy Kawasaki simply stated it on my radio show (Social Media Edge), “A powerful syndication stream”. First let’s look at a few facts about Twitter: There are 645, 750, 000 registered Twitter users (even if 50% were spam, and they’re not, that’s a lot) There are 190,000,000 unique visitors per month (try frying that many eggs) There are 58,000,000 Tweets per day (even if 80% are spam, that’s still a lot) And a very important stat – every day there are 2,100,000,000 (2.1 billion) search engine queries to Twitter So, there’s a lot of activity on […]

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Micro Content And Why You Need It

micro content

Sometimes we come up with new words or phrases that really don’t match what they are talking about. This is not the case with “micro content” which perfectly describes what it is. Simply stated it is content for web delivery which fulfills the need to broadcast information while complying with today’s fast paced society which allows only a few seconds to make a decision. Micro Content I Offer Social media posts – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. From 10 words to 100 words, not much more. Short blog posts – I will write around 400 words for your blog (you publish in your name) 60 second or less videos – videos are awesome because people watch them on the […]

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3 Steps For A Viral Post, Guaranteed*

virus - public domain image

Let’s face it, everyone is looking for that viral hit; the million share post, the ten million view video, or the ten thousand comment blog post. Hey, me too! By definition “viral” (in the science use) actually applies to every single post or action taken on the Internet or in the tactile world. Some viruses, you see, die when they are born. Most of them in fact. It’s only the rare virus that goes infectious and results in an outbreak. I think that’s what we really want to replicate in our marketing. Researching for this short post, yes I do that, turned up a few hundred companies advertising their “guaranteed viral campaigns”. One of them even uses that as their […]

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The Secret Power of Product Descriptions

quad cooker grill

I have a client who has an amazing product. It is the result of a lot of science and technology which makes it possible to do something fantastic with relative ease. When you ask him about the product he can tell you amazing stories about the technology that goes into it, why it does what no others of it’s class can do, and even about the technical process by which each component is manufactured. Cool, but useless information. What really matters is that this product can take an ordinary person and make them a super-star in this particular function. People love the results from this product and it makes the time they spend together highly memorable. So, tell me about […]

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Google+ Profits From Your Name and Image

Take 2: Google+ Profits From Your Name and Image

Google has probably used your name and photo in an endorsement of a product or service. Did they pay you? I didn’t think so. That’s because, like on all “free” websites and social media networks, you are the product. This means they profit from your presence. Now that’s not to say there isn’t a symbiotic relationship, but it does suggest there may be a few lines crossed depending on your perspective. This short article shows how to limit Google’s use of your image and name as an endorser of a specific product or service without directly compensating you for that use. Here is the link mentioned in the audio file (you did listen, right?) Google Privacy Settings While you are […]

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Short, Sweet, and Pointed Wins

A couple of years ago, having found myself in an elitist circle, I heard these self-appointed thought leaders regurgitating each other on the importance of lengthy, meaty, highly intellectual articles… <crickets> …yeah, don’t do that. There are three very simple but immutable laws of online evangelism: use simple language so people don’t have to think strike a chord from the first word and finish your message before a squirrel runs by use pictures and/or sound whenever possible An article on Slate by Farhad Manjoo addressed the good old “bounce rate”. My wager is these elite power-bloggers have a dismal article completion rate. Statistically only 1 in 200 people will read a complete 700 word article. 1 in 80 may complete […]

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