New, Exclusive Gift for New Home Owners

Real estate professionals are constantly barraged by “great marketing ideas for real estate agents” from just about every direction. This 360 degree assault includes everything from very expensive video production and website development to recurring fee subscription services for “exclusive real estate leads” and more. After time the excitement of being a new agent and having all this attention from companies looking to be at the top of the marketing budget list wains and too often the agent simply gives up and does what they can, on their own.

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Real Estate Calendars

Calendars are a perennial favorite of real estate agents, plumbers, chiropractors and insurance agents. The idea is these calenders last for a full twelve months – and it is true. Calendars cease working as a marketing tool when they are placed in a drawer or the trash can. If they remain on the wall or refrigerator the lifespan may indeed be 12 months and this obviously creates more opportunities for engagement with the branded company.

Real Estate Closing Gifts

Getting a nice bottle of wine with a photo of the home on the label is a great, novel idea. Lifespan about 1 meal or stuck in the wine rack to be forgotten. While this idea, at a cost of around $45 including shipping, ignites all those good emotions it is short lived in market reach and is offensive to some. Do not send a bottle of wine to a recovering alcoholic or a teetotaler or you’ll alienate them forever.

Who needs a framed copy of themselves signing the closing documents? Sure it sounds good and, as with most other closing gifts, the emotions wane after the first couple of payments, the first roof leak discovered, the first call to the electrician or plumber. Frankly these end up in the trash pretty quickly. The same goes for that cute “golden key” with the purchase date inscribed on it, the gift certificate to Lowe’s or the Home Depot or even a favorite restaurant. None of these gifts provide real usefulness or longevity.

home owners guide book

Fully customizable this gift is of the highest value and continually provides important information to the new home owners.

The Custom Home Owner’s Guide

When moving to a new home there is a lot of research to be done and this adds to the stress of buying the home. While the listing agent may know who provides utilities for the existing owners the odds they have found if there are other competitors or if there are any special offers for new clients. Having a list of schools which service the address is easy though it is unlikely anyone took the time to ask if the buyers have school aged children and then gathered more information from the local schools like the principal’s name, Board of Education members, number of students, etc.

If the neighborhood where the new home is located has an HOA what is the contact information? Where are the closest banks? Who is the insurance company and what is their customer service contact information? How many square feet does the home have? What size are the filters for the HVAC system? How many homes are in the neighborhood? Think of an “almanac” and that’s what comes in the fully customized version of this eBook (suitable for printing in full color, too!) any agent can deliver to their clients even prior to the closing.

Generic Version With Custom Cover and Greeting Available

If you as an agent would like to present your new buyers with a great Guide To Home Ownership with a custom cover and information provided by you there is a 22 page generic home ownership book available. It includes a ton of information and resources for the home owner to find even more information about their own home. We include How To guides on finding the information we put into the fully customizable versions such as filter sizes, utility providers, municipal service contacts, and more.

Great Savings May Be Available

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