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WordPress Site HostingIt looks simple, doesn’t it? There’s a button that says “Export”. So you’ve clicked it. Now what? Here’s the thing: almost all WP sites need to be tweaked when they are moved and for someone who has never done it the simple task can turn into several hours of frustration. I can move most sites for just $99 and have them on the new server looking and functioning just as they did on the old server – or your money back. The process takes between 1 and 2 hours in most cases and I can usually get to it within 24 hours. Here’s what you get:

  • A new installation of the ¬†most current version of WordPress
  • All of your existing content, themes, plugins, and other data moved to the new server
  • Your site back online looking exactly like it did on the old server (or your money back)
  • All¬†existing plugins and themes update to the newest version
  • Suggest any technical changes I may happen to see while working on your site
  • Click through a few pages on your site to verify functionality
  • Check your server for errors created by any plugins or themes in WP and advise (I will check your existing site for errors which exist prior to moving)

Here is what you need to do:

  • Have your account already setup on the new WordPress Hosting Service
  • Send me the CPanel login and WordPress Admin login to your existing site
  • Send me the CPanel login to your new WP hosting site
  • Once installed you may need to enter registration information into any paid extensions or themes – usually not


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Great Work!

Ken was excellent to work with. He fixed the problem in no time at all and communicated very well what was going on. Highly recommend.

Outstanding Professional

Ken was able to fix my defunct website so quickly and gave me wonderful personal attention to help me understand the process along the way. He was honest, worked quickly and fairly priced. I’m glad I found this professional to help me with my continued needs!!

High Quality Professional Work

We were having difficulty migrating our website from Joomla 2.X to Joomla 3.X. After many failed attempts, we began looking for a professional web designer/web developer and eventually came across Ken. Ken was very helpful and knowledgeable about the issues we had been experiencing. His communication skills and work ethic allowed him to complete this project extremely fast. We are very happy with everything he’s done for us and cannot recommend him enough! If you are looking for high quality professional web design or web development, do not hesitate to contact Ken.

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