Keeping Children (Kids) Safe Online: A Periscope Broadcast

In case you missed it – on October 7, 2015 I did the first @KenCook Periscope broadcast on the topic of home network security and particularly how to help keep children safe online. It’s about 16 minutes long and still only briefly touches the topic. In the broadcast I encouraged people to use Google (or Bing or whatever) to do some research and learn at least the basics. Unfortunately people don’t generally think about cyber security except when it’s already become a problem. Nothing can completely protect any network or child but every process can work together to improve security and possibly avoid tragedy.

I’d Rather Have An Angry Child Than A Missing Child

Just do a search on “child left home to meet someone¬†they met online”. (Don’t read this if you terrify easily.) Children aren’t the brightest creatures on the planet. They may seem like they are growing up but it’s still too easy for an adult with not even good skills to manipulate a young mind into believing the person they are connecting with is someone about their age with only their best interests at heart. One is too many children who have disappeared (forever) this way. Now I’m not about to say everything a child can do online is heinously dangerous because it’s not. But if you knew they were chatting with someone on Facebook (for example) and were planning on a rendezvous without your knowledge I bet you’d perk up. As a grandpa aged person I would encourage you to treat monitoring their activity as a safety protocol and not a spying to catch them protocol. You’ll get the same information either way!

Links  And Names From The Video

  • Router Settings – learn where yours are and how to use them.
  • Firewall Settings – this should be in your router but verify that you have one and that you know how to use it.
  • OpenDNS – helps filter and control the content your home network can access.
  • Squid Cache – requires a computer on your home network but does some powerful things for security.
  • Bitdefender – you can purchase a license through me at a discount.

Tips From The Video

  • Use wired connections instead of WiFi whenever you can.
  • Turn off devices when they are not in use.
  • Pay attention to how much data you are using. If it suddenly changes find out why.
  • Learn more about this topic and even packet capturing, filtering, and analysis.
  • Contact me at any time with any questions. If you need professional assistance I can handle pretty much any of these issues remotely and for a very fair price.