Joomla vs WordPress in Social Buzz

Online Share of Voice is often listed as a Key Performance Indicator especially for organizations operating in the social space as could be said of Joomla and WordPress. Interestingly WordPress claims tens of millions of users. In fact, as of this writing they claim more than 71,000,000 sites. While Joomla claims over 10,000,000 downloads as of 2010 (a couple of years ago) reports in their database around 1,700,000.

Keeping those numbers in mind it would stand to reason the social gab about the two Content Management Systems should report at about a 40 to 1 ratio in favor of WordPress. Surprisingly, though, Omgili Buzz reports a much different result when clocking social mentions.

In the graph below Omgili actually reports there are times when Joomla receives more social mentions than WordPress. Why could this be? Is this really any indicator either organization should consider as a KPI of value? How does this make you consider social share of voice in your own KPI planning?



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