How To Lock Your Own Credit (Freeze Your Credit)

For Equifax go to

For Experian go to

For TransUnion go to

In Georgia the cost per credit agency is $3 – so fro $9 total (lifetime) you can freeze your credit yourself. No monthly subscription, no extras to buy for hundreds of dollars, no extra people (third party websites) having your private credit information. Even if they are trustworthy it’s yet another place to store your private data that can be compromised and let the bad guys steal it.

Costs vary by state so make sure you check your state. Cost to remove a freeze also varies by state. There is NO CHARGE for victims of Identity Theft but honestly by then some damage may already be done. Mine is frozen right now. When I get ready to apply for credit I will do a temporary unfreeze – regardless of the cost.

Each company will give you a PIN that you must keep. Getting your freeze removed without that PIN will be more work than you should have to do so just keep your PIN in a safe place. Don’t write in on your social security card. (This has happened.)