How To Create A Private Chat Room On Twitter

It’s not surprising that so many people don’t know about this feature. I first wrote about it back in January 2015–here. What this does is pulls you and 19 other people (either that or you and 20 other people) out of the main stream and puts you in a giant Direct Message. Why bother? Privacy…or at least a modicum.

twitter-private-chat-roomsHere’s how to create and use a Twitter private chat room on the web browser:

  • Step one – log on to Twitter
  • Step two – click Messages
  • Step three – click New Message
  • Step four – start typing names of followers (if they don’t follow you, you can’t add them)
  • Step five – chat
  • Step six – click the ellipses … in the upper right corner to add people

That’s really about it. If there’s a way to order pizza and beer inside of it through the app I haven’t found it. If you do, please share.