Guaranteed solution to the real estate problem

Agents: Sell more homes

Buyers: Buy a home already

There. Settled.

Okay – that’s oversimplified. The hiccup today is there is more inventory than need. It’s basic supply and demand. Right, you’ve heard that until it gags you to read it. Well, here are some facts before we go one more step on our journey:

Housing values are down tremendously in almost every market. A great number of listings, today, are either short payoffs (pre-foreclosures) or lender owned (foreclosures).

Interest rates are about to start their upward spiral – it’s not a possibility, it’s an inevitability.

There are still far too many real estate agents for the number of sales.

You’ve been told by some tech sleazy circuit speakers print is dead, radio is dead, cable is dead, all you need is a Facebook account, a WordPress account and an email address and you’re going to make millions and if you don’t do it you’re a total idiot. What really gets confusing is when they start deriding you for thinking SEO is still viable and blogging should still be a part of your marketing toolkit. But I digress – and I said toolkit.

Let me posit this: do you think GEICO or AllState’s marketing directors sit down and read the crap most of us are exposed to in our daily lives? Do you think they subscribe to the Twitteroogle Daily Ubervideo and take that advice into consideration when they establish their marketing strategy for the next 10 years? Can they be so wrong all the time as to include print, television, radio, and direct mail in their campaigns?

We need to backtrack. Like now.

Most real estate agents are not national in scope or desire. Most agents like to operate in a relatively narrow field generally encompassing their own living area. Not unlike the local plumber, mechanic or home repairman the majority of people the agent needs to reach live in a defined range of addresses. There I go, I spoke old school.

You remember addresses? If you are unfamiliar with the concept it is an amazing, publicly available service. There is a container near where your driveway meets the street. It is often referred to as a “mailbox”. You can actually hold a piece of paper in your hand called an envelope and put stuff in it, put a little toll receipt on it called a “stamp” (similar to a Mike Mueller Tramp Stamp but smaller), drop it in the mailbox with another person’s address on it and a person in a little, tiny vehicle comes by, gets it out and takes it to the other person.

I know it’s hard to follow. Just think food delivery on a slower speed but only a day or two in most cases. Also be warned I am not about to attempt you to abandon anything that works for any uncertainty – like what has happened over the last several months as some agents left the sales industry and became social media experts. Well here’s a question for all of them, “if it works so well, why aren’t you doing it?”

It would be providential to interject here that I believe in social marketing and social media marketing. It is a part of what I do and have done since long before the vernacular term was “social media”. I have not, however, only used social media. Even when I was generating leads personally I used television, radio, print, direct mail, and online. Not to mention I used personal networking. Guess what? I still use all of those just not in the same ratio or cost structure.

So before I ramble so far I can’t walk back to the shop let me say this, “try to only do things you can track and track everything you do.” Ha, I just quoted myself. But seriously, I know Rob Hahn told a bunch of agents QR codes are just about hype … so was the telephone. So was television. So was the Popiel’s Pocket Fisherman and the Ginsu Knives. Just because something is a fad does not mean it does not do a job.

QR codes, short URL and call capture systems should be used on every ad you place and even in your social spaces. My phone numbers, that I give online, on my cards and letters, and tell to people all track inbound calls. When I use my Grasshopper account to direct to a specific branch it even gets better.

Above all people need to trust you. Be your own best ally and become the local Trust Agent. Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust

Look, I can write all day, and I would. But the best thing to do is to call me and let’s talk about what you are doing that doesn’t work and see what you are missing that may work. 877-7000-KEN (877-700-0536).


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