Do Missions on Empire Avenue Work?

This article is due in part to recent conversations with Jeremy Blanton @JB140 and Dwayne Kilbourne @dwaynekilbourne who both brought up their own experiments with Empire Avenue’s Missions. Thanks guys!

It would be unfair after only one test to say missions are a waste of eaves. In case you do not know eaves are the currency of Empire Avenue. If you don’t know Empire Avenue, EAv to users, here is a short conversation with Liz Strauss and Chris Pirillo on the topic of Empire Avenue.

At the base level EAv is a game. It is a social game and very business friendly. There are currently a large percentage of my “friends” and social connections experimenting with EAv and writing about it still looking for gold in the social media realm. Still others are sitting in their grandmother’s basement playing Zelda and listening to the Star Wars soundtrack.

Not too long ago the fine folks over at EAv began touting a new part of “the game” called Missions. Recently it has been a hot topic among a few friends and acquaintances so I decided to try a mission myself. Having listened to different ways people have used missions I decided to see if I could pick up a few new subscribers to my Feedburner account for this website. Figure A is before the campaign began and Figure B is after it ended.

For my mission reward I offered 1500e (1500 eaves) for people to subscribe to the RSS feed. Indeed 53 people claimed my 1500e. The screen captures speak for themselves …

Figure 1 - before spending 79,500 eaves

In fairness I do not know what I am doing. I am shooting gnats with peas from a wet noodle in the dark.  Even still the numbers are somewhat eye-opening and have certainly lead to further testing … now if I could only get funding for this series!

If one were to purchase eaves from the EAv market they would spend $25us to purchase 100,000 eaves. – .025 cents each. So putting a dollar cost on this particular campaign I am at $39.75 or nearly $40 for 3 subscribers (assuming all 3 actually were a result of the mission). Empire Avenue charges a 100% commission so each 1500 rewarded carries an EAv fee of 1500 for a total of 3000 per action.

Figure 2 - after spending 79,500 eaves

Is it worth the cost to pay roughly $13.30 per subscriber? Not for this particular site, no. Further the question is are purchased subscribers, likes or fans ever with that much? We’ll be exploring this soon over at Social Media Edge Radio.

The real questions of course are have you tried a mission, what was your technique and what were your results?

On to Part 2 of this experiment …

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