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Data Driven Web Solutions

For a long time my favorite thing to do has been to create custom web applications using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and HTML. When CSS joined the team everything became real. In 1998 I was contracted by Swiss/Artex to code online stores for their customers from around the world. As far as I know it was at that time I created possibly the first system that let the user select a clothing item then change its color by clicking on a swatch. I didn’t take 12 model photos–I changed the color of the shirt. But that’s just bragging. Here are some things I have done using this combination of languages and resources:

  • Squeeze pages that accept input from a user then send them an automated message to verify their email address which is followed up by a chained sales process.
  • Online time-keeping system for employees to clock in and out, managers to create schedules, sick and vacation day management and more.
  • A full online business which included Point Of Sale (using PayPal integration), the full catalog, inventory and inventory control with low quantity notifications, and fulfillment and tracking for online orders.
  • Youth football league scheduling and record keeping system with online, internal communication system (direct messaging). There were no “blogs” back then but in a sense this system contained one. Each player had their own profile page and users had to be logged in to view and interact. Each team had their own management rights.
  • Management of firearms permits, driver’s licenses, and other pertinent data for each driver for the Loomis&Fargo company. The system automatically notified the administrator 90 days and 30 days before an important license expired. Needless to say this system required deep security practices.


Of course there are a limitless number of ways you can use these combinations of solutions to help your website do for you what you need done. If you are unsure of what these are they are the languages that drive some of the biggest websites there are including Facebook in part and WordPress almost in full (at least for now).