Customer Service The Right Way (Take A Memo)

I made a mistake. Yes I did. My son didn’t ask for anything special but I wanted to bless him with some things to make his life more comfortable and enjoyable. He could have purchased these items for himself but a love box from home is always nice to get, right? On Monday I logged on to Amazon and found some snow boots, a key board (USB), and a really thick fleece blanket. This is his first winter in Denver so the boots and blanket will be very nice for him. The keyboard is just an extra one so they can plug it into their gaming device. Yes, you know I am a small business supporter and a local business support but I live in North Georgia and he lives in Colorado so I picked some small business sellers who sell through Amazon; satisfied?

There were just a couple of issues with the way I placed the order that would soon have an impact. First I did not know his new cell number so I gave them mine. Secondly, I did not know he had an actual unit number so I left that off. Early on Thursday I received a call from the Amazon delivery person asking for the unit number. I told them I did not know but my son tells me the just leave the packages in the entry way – two units sharing a closed foyer. That worked out fine. The first package was delivered with no issues and he got his blanket.

Unfortunately the second package, to be delivered by FedEx (nothing against them, it was my fault there was no unit number), was actually not delivered and it was reported back to Amazon as “business not open”. So I called Amazon’s toll-free logistics number and said I thought I may need to add a unit number. I explained to them that it was indeed my son’s residence and he is home and there are only two units there but understood the issue. The original customer service rep could simply have left it at, “I only handle logistics for Amazon and this is a FedEx shipment, sorry.” But she did not. She transferred me to retail where I told the short story again.

Surprise! With what I call “normal” customer service the conversation would have gone something like this; “I am so sorry sir. Unfortunately since you (were an idiot and) left off the unit number there is nothing we can do. We will have to wait for the package to be returned then ship it again. You’ll need to pay for shipping again. May I charge that to your card on file?” But noooo! He said, “Can you hold for just a moment while I get FedEx on the line?”

On less than 60 seconds I was speaking directly with someone from operations at FedEx who asked what information I needed to change. I added the unit number and gave them my son’s actual cell number – I was messaging with him on Facebook at the same time. She said, “Okay I have added this information. We may be able to try delivery again today. If not then we will deliver it tomorrow. Does that help?”

DOES THAT HELP? Heck YES that helps.

The FedEx rep said goodbye, thanked me for business and disconnected. Then the Amazon rep came back on line and asked how it went and if there was anything else he could do for me.

Nope. Not a thing. Impressed. No; blown away. Here’s a big smiley face: