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5 Things Most Restaurant Websites Do Wrong

Oh what a sweet negative note to begin on, eh? But who would read an article titled “500 Things Restaurant Websites Do Right?” Exactly. Welcome to earth where we feed on the negative or super positive like restaurant diners feed on great food. When they know it’s available. When they know where it is. When […]

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How To Save Time and Money on Web Development

Most people have never purchased a custom web development. Whatever you call it, there are unknowns ahead: new territory, uncharted waters, unexplored space. Hopefully this little bit of content will help you and I get to the price, not go over budget, and get the results you expect from the beginning. When you have a […]

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Web Development vs Web Design

It must be confusing. At least it appears to be. In my 20+ years of Web Development I have never claimed to be a Web Designer. I know there are plenty of people who believe they are both (and a few are) so it is understandable how someone may make the mistake of assuming everyone […]

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