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How To Change Your Website’s Default Landing Page With HTACCESS

Have you ever wondered why when you type http://www.SOMESITE.com without typing http://www.SOMESITE.com/index.html the server knows that’s the page you wanted? It’s called the default page, the directory index page to be more precise, and it’s handled at the server level. I have no idea how it’s done on a Winder’s server but on Apache on […]

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29% of US Shoppers Use Mobile For Research/Inspiration

Every small business must have a mobile friendly website. Forget expensive mobile applications that people don’t want to download; we’re talking about a responsive design website people can use on their mobile device. ¬†With today’s powerful content delivery systems small business owners, and individuals, can be online and ready for mobile in just a matter […]

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Who’s Name Goes On The Article?

I suppose this is a common question for ghost writers, content creators and contract employees who create content for their clients. I get it all the time from my web content and blog content clients. The answer, for my services, is simple: If you buy ready made or generic content my name goes on it. […]

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