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Twitter To Allow More Than 140 Characters?

I’m not 100% sure I like the idea but I do like the idea. Me make many sense – I know. I remember when I first came to Twitter. Much like many others I said, “what’s the deal”? Soon I found out how to become very creative and never fell to using ur, H8, or […]

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Twitter Almost Replicates AOL Chat Rooms from 1988!

There are two things missing from the Internet and have been since what we originally new as “the web” became what everyone thinks of as “the Internet”. One is mass repositories of downloadable information in FTP or Gopher protocols. While some functions of the web, originally referred to as the WWW or HTTP, embrace FTP/Gopher […]

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Twitter Spam or Good Use of Prospecting Time?

I used to be a really big fan of Twitter as an engagement platform. Then, back in 2010, Guy Kawasaki was my guest on Social Media Edge Radio and he explained why, to him, Twitter is a one-way, information firehose. (My words.) With that said, and to my chagrin, he was right. And, today, Twitter […]

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Tool For Identifying Fake Twitter Followers?

Okay, in fairness it says it’s the Beta application. This tool could help trim down on the number of fake Twitter followers you have. Have you ever wondered how many of your Twitter followers were fake accounts? Me too. In fact I’m pretty careful about not accepting accounts that even look suspicious. Color me careful, […]

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My Most Influential Twitter List

This list changes from time to time. You can follow it on Twitter here. This list is called Gens Prosperum for obvious reasons. There are other people I find  influential on other lists. Tweets from these people are also featured in Gens Prosperum (Weekly) on Paperli. You may read it here. These members are listed […]

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When Is The Best Time To Tweet?

Ah – great question! How about right now? Okay, I know what you mean. Your question really is when is the best time to tweet to get the most eyes, the most retweets and (hopefully) the most conversions. You’re in luck because I don’t know either. Now we’re even. I do, however, know where some […]

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