6 Awesome Online Color Tools


I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t have the greatest eye for colors. Fortunately for you, the novice and professional designer, I found some color tools to spare you the gaudiness of my earlier designs. Oh, you noticed, I’m still not the greatest designer – but I don’t claim to be! Ahem, we all need a little help and these 6 tools, online and for free, can help you match colors perfectly.


Palleton makes it easy to find and use color palettes that are monochromatic, adjacent colors, triad, tetrad and free. It’s easy to use and you’ll quickly learn to depend on it for your quick, down and dirty design jobs. Once you select a set of colors just click on the example tab and Paletton will generate a mock-up web page for you using the colors you have selected. You can also save your palette in multiple configurations to share with your design and development team or your clients. Heck, let your clients pick the color palette and send you the link. I give this 4.5 stars.


This site leaves a lot to be desired after viewing the previous, but it still has a good purpose. User submitted color kits are published for you to select from. Use their ComboMaker tool to create your own color sets and submit them to the site.


This is a simple but useful tool. One click gives you a complete color set to choose from. They do have a downloadable version I believe is for Windows only.


The usefulness of this one is quickly seen. You input the URL of a photo online and the system creates a color set based on the dominant colors in the image. As you can see our ruggedly handsome model has been used for demonstration purposes. I was a bit surprised at the colors the script selected in that the blue in my jeans seams to be very brilliant, so I’m surprised there isn’t at least some indigo in the color set. Still, this is a pretty useful tool, don’t you think? I’ll go 4 stars on this one.


Not much to it, the site is more to support the book. But, there are several pre-created color sets to choose from.


Collor is another powerful color picker. It doesn’t give you a full color set, but it does help determine shades.

Web Graphics for the Web 2.0 Look

Sometimes I teach others how to do things and expect most people will. Then inevitably someone will email me or IM me and ask, “can you do this for me?” Since this happened twice after my last post it seemed like a good follow up to answer here on the blog instead of directly in email. Yes,  I can create your Web 2.0 graphics for you. Many small buttons and badges take as little as 10 minutes to do so to do something like the text graphic shown here is as little as $5.

Obviously with more complex web graphics the fee is a little higher and as an example of that the other graphic, “old school”, is in the range of $35.

If you would like to talk about graphics for your website, Facebook or landing page just use the Contact Me link or get me on Twitter @thekencook and I’ll be happy to give you a quote and a turn time.

Free Web Badge Maker Online

Free Online BadgeMaker Software for making website badges to share with your readers

Today over on Twitter someone asked if there was a decent, easy to use, simple web badge maker they could use to create a sharable badge for their website. Well, there is. While it’s pretty no-frills the resulting badges (graphics) are attractive and very Web 2.0-ish.

If you know of another service, a better service or just a different online badge maker we’d like to know about it so please share it in the comments below.

The website is Web20Badges.com and is as easy to use as anything I’ve ever seen. It’s as simple as choosing a design, typing some text, selecting a font and color and clicking apply. To save the image to your computer you just right click and choose to save it to your computer.

Each file is also available in a layered Photoshop PSD file (which does open in Gimp) which can be used in your graphics editing software to fully customize your images.

If you have another solution to share for making website badges online please share with us in the comments below!

That was fast – within minutes of clicking Publish I had instant messages coming in from a friend who can’t follow instructions but I appreciate her input. Here are a couple of other resources:

Free royalty free images

Royalty free public domain images
Royalty free public domain images

Public domain royalty free images

This is just a very quick post to share a resource. There are many and you can find them by using your favorite search engine, or at least Google will return several.

I am asked often about images and copyright. While I am not an attorney I do know if you use someone else’s image without permission or “the right” you can get in some trouble. Here is a site with several images released into the public domain meaning the copyright owner has released their rights and made these available for public use by anyone for any reason including commercial.

While there are many more sites which do the same this article does not include them simply for time constraints. There are mentions of other resources on this site and you should add your own in the comments – you know, take one leave one.