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Web Graphics for the Web 2.0 Look


Sometimes I teach others how to do things and expect most people will. Then inevitably someone will email me or IM me and ask, “can you do this for me?” Since this happened twice after my last post it seemed like a good follow up to answer here on the blog instead of directly in email. Yes,  I can create your Web 2.0 graphics for you. Many small buttons and badges take as little as 10 minutes to do so to do something like the text graphic shown here is as little as $5.

Obviously with more complex web graphics the fee is a little higher and as an example of that the other graphic, “old school”, is in the range of $35.

Free Web Badge Maker Online

Free Online BadgeMaker Software for making website badges to share with your readers

Today over on Twitter someone asked if there was a decent, easy to use, simple web badge maker they could use to create a sharable badge for their website. Well, there is. While it’s pretty no-frills the resulting badges (graphics) are attractive and very Web 2.0-ish.

If you know of another service, a better service or just a different online badge maker we’d like to know about it so please share it in the comments below.

The website is and is as easy to use as anything I’ve ever seen. It’s as simple as choosing a design, typing some text, selecting a font and color and clicking apply. To save the image to your computer you just right click and choose to save it to your computer.