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Discovering Trends in Image Posting


Actually no need to explore so there really is not any true discovery. Yahoo, for example, makes finding their trending image searches as simple as visiting Yahoo! Trending Image Searches. Not difficult at all. Now to capitalize on those, of course, is where skill and science come together so that you are still acquiring site relevant traffic without offending the person who is actually doing the search. If you are Harvey from over at TMZ no worries – everything is site relevant. If you are Nicco’s Plumbing and Dog Grooming, however, maybe not so much!

Speaking of images do you know there are at least two good ways to find if someone may be using your images without your permission? There are other ways I am certain and I know you will be happy to share them but these are the two I know and use:

Mega Millions Winning Numbers and SEM

Mega Millions Winning Numbers

Mega Millions Winning Numbers

I’ve got a golden ticket. The nice part about this golden ticket, especially for search engine marketers, is the predictability it presents. Natural disasters, natural events like the death of a super-star, terrible accidents like the Challenger disaster, and similar events turn Google into a massive flurry of searches on those key words.

What search engine marketers should be looking for are ways to take hot search topics like those types of current events and leverage the results to their client’s benefits. Some say this is a disgusting approach when it involves human tragedy but the reality of it is this is simply a business technique that can be used to help the people personally affected by the tragedy. One example of so doing would be to place a donation link to a well recognized charity on the landing page. I digress, this is about leveraging something a little more capitalistic in nature: the Mega Millions lottery.

Google Trends Mega Millions

Mega Millions dominates Google search

Anyone who lives in an area where this government sponsored lottery is played knows as the lottery pool builds and the prize gets larger, such as the recent Mega Millions jackpot amount of $312 million dollars, the searches become more and more frequent. But there is an event even larger for related search terms: mega millions winning numbers.

Earth Hour dominates Social Media exchanges

Earth Hour March 26, 2011

Author: Ken Cook
Earth Hour in Hong Kong by Cychk

Earth Hour in Hong Kong by: Cychk

There is a new annual ritual in case you have missed it. Because of, or thanks in part to, social media and the Internet Earth Hour has exploded onto the scene. With its beginning in Australia only four years ago Earth Hour is an event which occurs between 8:30-9:30PM local time by turning off all lights and as many electrical systems as possible.

Just last year on March 27 the largest participation of Earth Hour yet came to be. Over 128 countries and territories had participants including the darkening of many well known buildings around the planet. Much of this success is due to the vast amount of chatter, blogging and other social sphere attention given to the event.

Bigfoot spotted? Does he have a Facebook page?

Bigfoot Facebook pageOkay so I’m not a member of the convinced. I am also not a member of the unconvinced. I saw a “ghost” once and, though I know I saw something almost right in my face, I’m still not convinced of what I saw. Bigfoot, however, should have been captured by now. Seriously. I have my doubts about this footage because it doesn’t “look like Bigfoot”. Whatever that means.

The big question of the day is, “does Bigfoot have a Facebook page?” And the answer is, “Yes. Several.”

Interestingly there are two separate Bigfoot pages on Facebook with a total of about 33,000 fans. That means Bigfoot’s Facebook presence is worth more than mine and most of my clients. Be that as it may a friend wrote, “the color of hype is green”. So if Bigfoot is hype, and he is, why not shoot a “Bigfoot sequence” of video and use the hype to turn some green?

Earthquake in Myanmar not as social worthy as tsunami in Japan?

Myanmar - BurmaI find it interesting that in the minutes following the earthquake, even before the tsunami had made much progress on its journey, the news of the devastation in Japan was all over the social network. In fact one almost could not follow Twitter if the search term Japan were included. Now, just a couple of weeks later, a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake has rocked Myanmar and the tweets can be counted by just watching them refresh.

There are 127,000,000 people (approximately) in Japan. In Myanmar there are roughly 52,000 – less than half.  The number of US citizens in Japan compared to the number in Myanmar (the State Department still refers to it as “Burma”) is very lopsided. One, without too much research, can only imagine that is mirrored with other countries. Still, you would think at least a few thousand tweets would have been sent.

Bristol Motor Speedway, NASCAR, GoDaddy and the Digital Revolution

Don’t think for one second that geeks don’t like NASCAR or that some auto racing fans may not have a geek streak deep within. The technology for following races like those at today’s Bristol Motor Speedway has improved greatly over the last few years.

NASCAR TrackPassUntil just a few short years ago NASCAR drivers couldn’t even communicate with their crew. It was up to the crew members to communicate with the drivers through decades or even centuries old technology like hand signals and chalk boards. It is said the noise is so loud in the pit area at Bristol crew members still have to use notes and chalkboards to communicate with one another but the crew chief, seated above the action in his vantage stand, has the distinct opportunity of communicating directly with his driver through digital voice communications.

I’m not sure which Internet rule says “if there is communication” we’ll  find a way to share it with the world but that’s what has happened with NASCAR. In fact you can subscribe to a service that will allow you listen to your favorite driver and pit communication, track their position on the race track including when they are “in the throttle” and “on the brakes”.

NCAA Tournament Scores to Dominate Weekend Social Media

Get prepared – NCAA fans will rule the tweets and Facebooks this weekend and beyond. With Round 1 of the NCAA Basketball Tournament well under way you’ll probably learn more about your jocular connections than you ever really cared! In the event you actually care about basketball and the NCAA event here are some tools and tips to help keep you “squared up” on the progress:

On Twitter you can follow the NCAA Tournament News Tweets search results.

You can also follow the March Madness hashtag #MarchMadness for a flurry of results.

NCAA basketball tournament bracket scores newsIf you want to go really nuts you can follow this crazy scheme on TweetGrid for NCAA Tournament Scores and News.

If you’re lazy you can scan the image to the right and go to the same link as above: (use your smart phone, dummy)

Japan Reactor Story Dominates Search

Japan reactor earthquake tsunamiPeople looking for information about the Japan reactor story, just as anyone looking for breaking information on events, have taken to the internet. Something our parents and grandparents did not have in their arsenal of media research is now a center point of everyday life in virtually every nation.

With the ever growing, even called encroachment, of social media and citizen journalism major catastrophes and events of global significance very quickly dominate searches at the giants like Google. In fact for most of the day today the search terms “japan reactor” have been at the top of the Google search list.

In the highly unlikely case you are unfamiliar with the story of the nuclear reactor in Japan damaged in the earlier earthquake you may join the search fray as well. Using the search monster Google and searching for the terms Japan reactor will lead you to millions of resources including Twitter and other burgeoning social media outlets.

Trending Topic Daily: LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes Weight Loss Success Story

LeAnn Rimes vogues for the camerasUnless you live under a rock, and even then, you have heard of LeAnn Rimes. The American country music star rose to prominence at an early age and has never looked back on success.

Though she has been featured in many news stories on shows like TMZ and Access Hollywood it was not until recently LeAnn was blasted for her weight control issues.

Apparently it is a new day for the country music superstar. After “loosing excess belly fat” as the internet ruse goes Ms. Rimes, soon to be Mrs. Eddie Cibiran, appears to have thinned down in preparation for her upcoming nuptuals. Even though her weight loss has been termed as “dramatic” and even “scary” LeAnn proclaims she is healthy and the weight loss is a result of a controlled process.