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Ultimate Guide To Writing A Blog Post

Blogging can be rewarding. Blogging can be fun. Regardless of your reasons for blogging nothing really beats having readers. Comments and shares are a great boost as well. To get readers, likes, comments, and shares requires a little attention to detail and paying attention to a few important practices. This is by no means a […]

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Old content on your blog, is it good or bad?

Last night during #mediachat on Twitter the conversation lead to deleting content. Now the content primarily being discussed involved tweets that may contain incorrect or libelous information. This topic is always contentious so what I state here is pragmatic from life’s experiences rather than data backed. You see I have chosen the photo of an […]

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Short, Sweet, and Pointed Wins

A couple of years ago, having found myself in an elitist circle, I heard these self-appointed thought leaders regurgitating each other on the importance of lengthy, meaty, highly intellectual articles… <crickets> …yeah, don’t do that. There are three very simple but immutable laws of online evangelism: use simple language so people don’t have to think […]

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You’re A Loser! But, There Is Hope (For Your Web Content)

According to the Netcraft January 2014 Web Server Survey there are 861,379,152 domain names. Internet users, web superhighway visitors, have no time for bloated, droning content unless you are publishing a detailed research report perhaps. Web content is plenteous. Web content secrets aren’t really secret. There isn’t any topic which has not been written on. […]

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Guest Blogging Is Dead*

A few years ago I blasted a particular person about spreading word that blogging was dead. He considered himself, and even called himself, “tech savvy”. Which, it turns out even if that was accurate, his information was a little suspect, to say the least. So why dare I say guest blogging is dead? Well, I […]

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