Buy Now Buttons Going Wide on YouTube and Twitter

But what’s it going to cost? It seems anything the mega-sized social media giants can do to separate the enterprise retailers from the mom and pop happens. That said both Twitter and YouTube have announced (and confirmed) their intents to let the “buy now” button out into the wild. Since there isn’t a lot of transparency at this time about the costs or limitations we can only surmise and anticipate it to possibly be prohibitive to the small business. We shall, as they say however, soon see.

So you’ve already seen a buy now button on YouTube? Yes, in very limited and controlled quantities and locations. The announcement was made on Tuesday (29 September 2015) because the company intends to roll this out to more publishers. Again let’s hope the local brick and mortar with a shipping department can also take advantage of the tremendous opportunity.

What Does A Buy Now Button Do?

The ubiquitous buy now button will allow anyone watching a video or reading a tweet to click on that button and go directly to the item being presented at the retailer’s online ordering center. True it’s not much different than creating a link and adding it but since YouTube especially has been resistant to allow offsite links to unrelated URLs it does open that door. Plus there is the psychological effect of a user seeing the words “buy now” where they click. That means a higher number of click-throughs will result in transactions since the transactional intent was established at the link source.

When Will YouTube and Twitter Roll Out the Buy Now Button at Large?

Unknown from the reports I can find like the one at The Daily Report and and parent The New York Times.