Blogger Liability Lawsuits, and Judgments, on the Rise

Montana real estate agent, Crystal Cox, was on the bad end of a winning decision about some of her blog content. In fact she didn’t win … at all. Her liability for the words she wrote about a bankruptcy custodian? Two point five million dollars. Let me put that in plain English: $2,500,000. And she’s a real estate agent which means that’s probably about 100 years of income.

Bloggers beware. We’re not journalists, at least according to these court cases – $47,000,000 in defamation awarded – and we’re not protected by the same laws. I’m not going to go through the entire details here but I have a tendency to disagree with the whether or not we are journalists BUT I also don’t think journalists should be able to write or report just anything they want because they have shield protection.

Watch this …


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