Blathering on Twitter or engaging your target audience?

Chances are most people in the world fit into the 99%. In this case that would be the 99% of people who are doing social marketing wrong, barely or not at all. Though the argument could be made that not at all is better than wrong since wrong does damage. Hopefully you are doing some or at least researching it. To qualify I will say I am not always right – nobody is – for every person in every case. So let me default and try a little teaching and assignment so you can figure it out for yourself.

First the assignment. Just do it.

Somewhere either on your tablet or in your notebook or a Google doc create a table with 2 columns. On the left label that column YES and on the right label that column MAYBE. Now think about what it is you are marketing, selling, representing, or otherwise putting out. Now think about WHO you need to reach to consummate your transaction. This even works if you’re just trying to get more targeted followers.

Now we’re going to complete your YES column and your MAYBE column at the same time. Begin at the top of the table as you think about the WHO and begin writing NAMES or JOB TITLES. Almost every one of you can immediately think of at least 2 or 3 individuals who are good prospects for you. Start with those.

If the people who come to mind are really good targets put them in the left column under YES. If the person who comes to mind may not directly be a target but may be able to connect you with a target put them in the MAYBE column. If the person who comes to mind would likely not be a YES or a MAYBE don’t even include them.

I am using a fictitious landscaping company in small town USA. A small landscaping company. In fact just a husband and wife team from Anytown USA. My chart looks like yours should:

Steve (real estate manager) Pastor Dave
Mary (HOA president) School janitor
61 neighbors Mary (friend, builder)
East Retirement Center Dad (city councilman)
Homes for sale

Does that give you a good idea? Great! Because now you’re going to start specifically engaging THOSE PEOPLE in your YES column with a purpose and if the opportunity presents itself the people from the MAYBE column. To tell you how to engage and what to say would make this already long post even longer especially since these are local people. They are also people you may encounter on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media outlets.

Develop a plan to make sure you connect with these people on a business level within the social media realm. Now you get to do a lot more reading and studying about how and when to engage them without spamming or alienating them in the social sphere. I suggest trusting information with intense data studies and the best I can do for you on that right now is to say you need to subscribe here and listen to Social Media Edge Radio. All the old episodes since 2008 are available on iTunes.


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