Best Uses For SnapChat For Business

It has been predicted that this will be SnapChat’s best year. So far it has really been “just another social channel” that I have to inform my clients about to make sure they don’t miss an opportunity to connect with prospective customers. Admittedly I have been slow about getting in the SC pool simply because I have only so many minutes per day. So I recently decided to replace some non-business Facebook time and some Google+ time with SnapChat; And I’ve learned much.

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What Is SnapChat?

Imagine Twitter, Vine, and Instagram all neatly balled into one. Now imagine that everything you create will disappear in 24 hours or from each user’s timeline as they view your content. Say what? Don’t worry, I’m going to Sherpa you through that dark crevice. Oh, and like with Instagram, it’s only available on your mobile device.

SnapChat is still young–created in 2011. But it has grown very fast, surpassing 100,000,000 users in spring of 2015. Like many other tools soon co-opted by business and “old people” (like me) Snap started out as the more secretive world of the tweens and teens. Trust me, they’re still way better at it than you or I will likely ever be. But, they’re not better at it for business and that’s what really matters to most of you.

SnapChat Demographics

According to ComScore, Snapchat grew its 18-24 base by 56% in 2015, while its 25-34 year old users increased 103% and, most notably, its over-35 user base grew 84%. SnapChat reports 12% of its almost 50 million daily users in the U.S. are between 35 and 54. That’s buyer range for virtually ever business sector I service from hotels and restaurants to real estate brokerages and auto dealers.

The company has also slashed its ad costs from $700,000 to $100,000 as an additional temptation for advertisers. – TheNextWeb

Small Business on SnapChat

Chances are you don’t have a spare $100k in your marketing budget to take on the minimum Snap campaign. Like everything else we entrepreneurs and SMB operators do this requires some aggressive action and way out of the box thinking. What it calls for is the guerrilla approach. This means hit where the most effect can be expected, enlist the assistance of higher ranking Snappers, and do it as often as reasonable.

Finding your market on Snap may take a little effort at first. There’s no way to really search based on demographics or keywords. At least none that I know of so if you do please inform us. Which inspired me to create Yet Another SnapChat Business Users Directory” – add your name and SnapCode.

Start however you can – do some searches on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any where you can to find Snap business users. Just add them by whatever means they make available. The easiest way is to use the app to add using another user’s SnapCode. Another way is to add by username or lookup by name. However you do it add people and start engaging with them. Pretty soon you’ll see other snappers that you want to connect with and people will also start connecting with you.

Use It To Answer Questions

I have been asked questions about WordPress and PHP already even though I’ve really only been active a short while. Any business could benefit from using Snap this way. Where are you located? What are your hours? Can I get your email address because it’s not on your website? Do you have gluten free options? How do I make a reservation for 3 nights? The list goes on.

After The Sale Support

Imagine you sell grilling accessories, ahem. Making SnapChat available to your customers who have already purchased is a great way to connect–even if you don’t sell grilling accessories. How about getting a question like this on Snap: I purchased the QuadGrate and I would like to send one to a friend. Will you ship directly to them? Of course it would be perfect for Ikea: The instructions say there are supposed to be 12 NumberA bolts but I only have 11. What should I do?

Daily Specials Announcements

Perfect for a restaurant especially in a college town where virtually everyone is already on snap: Today for lunch we have soup and salad with bread and a soft drink for $7 including tax. Bring a friend and get 2 for $12. Of course the ideas here are limitless and even if it just brings in 5 or 6 people it’s well worth the whole 30 seconds it takes to post the info to your story.

Private Negotiations

This one scares me and I’m trying to see if it’s because I’m old. Being old I like record keeping. On the other hand we don’t record keep our verbal conversations. Then again you could record your Snaps when you replay them using some sort of setup you figure out on your own then share with us. But imagine selling something on Facebook in one of the groups that allows sales. Put your SnapCode in the add and tell them to Snap you with questions.

Snap Only Coupons

Post a still of a coupon for your product or service and tell people to screenshot it and share it with their connections. Who knows? They right combination could go viral–just make sure you proofread carefully. Don’t make a million dollar mistake!

What Else Can You Think Of?

There have to be dozens of ideas you have. Feel free to share them to the conversation below. We’re waiting for a little of your genius on the topic!