How To Add Security To WordPress

Have you ever had your WordPress website hacked? Don’t worry if you have, it doesn’t say anything negative about you. WordPress is a big target because tens of millions of individuals and businesses depend on WP to power their website. Until recently I have never had a client whose site was hacked. Just a couple […]

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Remove An Old Site From JetPack

If you’re like me you often connect your client’s sites to JetPack through your account. I do this so I can easily manage them without extra fees or applications. Then one day when you’re looking at your JetPack dashboard you realize you have a few dozen sites you no longer need to have. So, how […]

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Rampant WordPress Infection: Darkleech

WordPress is really no more or less vulnerable than any other CMS built on the same foundations of the web. The good news about WP is that so many people support it. So can WordPress get a “virus”? While this isn’t specifically a “virus” it is an infection that spreads on it’s own using built […]

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How To Recover From Ransomware

  An ounce of prevention, they used to say, is worth a pound of cure. Nothing could be truer in the digital age where everything from personal records to digital goods can be stolen…or kidnapped. Recently at a party, a new acquaintance, upon discovering what I do in the military, asked about the true security […]

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You Won’t Believe The Future!

In the 1950s, America, and indeed, the civilized world was smitten by the space age. Many motion pictures, radio shows (they actually had those back then), television shows, books, and so forth make wild leaps to “the year 2000 and beyond”. Well, we’ve seen beyond and it’s actually pretty amazing the things that have changed. […]

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Steady Motion iPhone and Android Videos With A Gimbal

Jerky, fast pans, and horrible resulting framing can ruin an otherwise good video. Today’s phone shoot better quality video than all of my first professional gear did back in the 70s through 90s. In fact in the 2000-2010 decade you had to lay down a few grand to get the kind of quality I can […]

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