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How To Recover From Ransomware

  An ounce of prevention, they used to say, is worth a pound of cure. Nothing could be truer in the digital age where everything from personal records to digital goods can be stolen…or kidnapped. Recently at a party, a new acquaintance, upon discovering what I do in the military, asked about the true security […]

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You Won’t Believe The Future!

In the 1950s, America, and indeed, the civilized world was smitten by the space age. Many motion pictures, radio shows (they actually had those back then), television shows, books, and so forth make wild leaps to “the year 2000 and beyond”. Well, we’ve seen beyond and it’s actually pretty amazing the things that have changed. […]

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Steady Motion iPhone and Android Videos With A Gimbal

Jerky, fast pans, and horrible resulting framing can ruin an otherwise good video. Today’s phone shoot better quality video than all of my first professional gear did back in the 70s through 90s. In fact in the 2000-2010 decade you had to lay down a few grand to get the kind of quality I can […]

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Facebook “Reactions” (Like Button Add-ons) Are Here

I first wrote about this back in October 2015 – you can read that article here… Oh my gosh they’ve changed Facebook! What ever shall we do? I know, let’s start a Facebook group and hashtag #leavefacebookalone before they make any more…say again?┬áThis is a good change? Facebook’s Mark Zuckerwhatever once said there would never […]

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How To Create A Private Chat Room On Twitter

It’s not surprising that so many people don’t know about this feature. I first wrote about it back in January 2015–here. What this does is pulls you and 19 other people (either that or you and 20 other people) out of the main stream and puts you in a giant Direct Message. Why bother? Privacy…or […]

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Best Uses For SnapChat For Business

It has been predicted that this will be SnapChat’s best year. So far it has really been “just another social channel” that I have to inform my clients about to make sure they don’t miss an opportunity to connect with prospective customers. Admittedly I have been slow about getting in the SC pool simply because […]

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Do .com Domains Get Better Google Juice?

I have heard it online and in person from “gurus” saying nothing beats a .com domain from Google’s perspective. Actually there is no truth in this statement. Google doesn’t care which TLD (Top Level Domain) is used. What they care is that the search results deliver the best possible content to their clients–people who are […]

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10 Secrets of Crushing It Online

I recently was asked to teach a series of classes on Social Media marketing and related technology. Most of the classes I added to the curriculum are classes I have taught in the past. Mixed in with those it a new one I wrote called “10 Secrets of Crushing It Online“. The class is made […]

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Twitter Unfollow Limits

You’ve found yourself with a lot of dead accounts, accounts that just don’t post often, accounts that have changed from interesting to offensive. You want to clear your account from dead weight but you’re not sure how many accounts you can unfollow at one time. Well, I can tell you there’s a lot of wrong […]

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