Weekdays 8AM to 5PM Local (Eastern)

What I do

good-fast-cheapSo what does Ken Cook do?

  • I write articles – 500 to 5000 words.
  • I audit existing content for errors, readability, conversion factors, and SEO per Google guidelines.
  • I manage social media accounts: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • I code (program) custom solutions for WordPress, eCommerce, and data driven marketing campaigns using PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and MySQL.
  • I hot-rod WordPress themes, plugins and sites.

While the graphic to the right, “Menu of Services Offered”, is humorous it’s also true. I offer extremely fast turn around on some services like articles the combination of good, fast, and cheap is not available. The other combination, however, are. This is not to say if you need a 120 word radio script and you need it right now that the cheap version isn’t good – it’s just not going to be as good as the one which allows me to read a little, research a little, right a couple of versions, and work with you to manage the message.

My long term passion has been helping people get their website to “do something”. For 19+ years (since 1995) I have created or managed the creation of some really big projects but the coolest ones are for independent business people like real estate agents, restaurants, artists, and other small businesses. Today I provide the intelligence any small business needs to make sure they are getting the most bang for their online buck. Past clients include: SigARMS, The American Outdoorsman, ¬†Shari’s Restaurants, the Canadian Poolplayer’s Association, Loomis & Fargo, CrossFit (a 1990s Christian health and fitness program), plus hundreds of projects for small businesses and independent agents like Realtors, real estate agents, insurance agents, network marketers, and many more.

From video and audio to simple graphics and articles custom tailored to get the job done I will employ special operations tactics to help make you, your brand, popular and to build or protect your reputation. Even if someone has already done something online to damage your reputation I can work with you to make the decision how to overcome it. Mostly I write articles – hundreds of them per year. No job is too small for me to do.