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I am a LAMP coder. That means most web frameworks and apps are in my field of expertise. I code web applications (websites, plugins, forms, autoresponders, etc.) for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. This covers WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and most other frameworks.

Do you need content for your website? Do you need to turn your idea into a series of articles? Are you looking to improve conversions on your website? Do you need content for your email campaigns? Do you need a secure contact form with auto-responding content for your website?

I write articles. Most of them are used as blog posts or website content. While writing those articles I take three things into consideration: attracting new visitors, converting visitors to customers, and tracking activity to and from the content I create. I can be cheap, I can be fast, or I can be good – pick two.

I also code web applications that allow for automation of content like email autoresponders, inquiry forms, etc. I have been coding PHP/HTML/JavaScript since before 1998 and added CSS when browsers began supporting it.

My cell phone number is 678-439-8683. It rings through Google so if you’ve never phoned me it’s going to ask for your name. That’s all, just your name. Then it will ring to me and announce you. Call me when you’re ready to do business but have a few more questions.

I love Internet and mobile technology. I love it so much I have been creating since 1988 (not including classwork as far back as 1979 which was painfully slow) and it’s stuck in my brain. Topics I can write about quickly are marketing, small business, consumer finance (retail to real estate), mortgages, natural health, outdoors adventures, survival, chiropractic, and others. I can write fast and cheap if you just need content. If you want research with citations, matching infographics and more then the cost goes up as does product quality and content.

Why You May Hire Me

I can create articles of up to 1200 words in a very short time plus create a couple of graphics that go along with them. If you can do the same in under 2 hours and you don’t have anything else to be doing, and you can structure your content to help drive sales – then you probably don’t need me. If you don’t need me you probably aren’t doing very much business so you may need me after all.

If you already have content and have a lot of data in it that you need represented in an Infographic, or if you have a lot of information you want converted to an Infographic, you may hire me because I also create Infographics. From simple to complex – whatever you have the data to fill. If you don’t have the time to do the research but you have the questions you want demonstrated with data – you may hire me.

What I Don’t Do

While it would seem a natural step for a writer to act as an editor, I do not. In fact I would charge more to edit than to author. So if you have content you need “brushed up” and grammar corrected I’m not your man.

Wrap Up

This site is my “personal” site so there are a variety of types of content here. While my accuracy in reporting is as accurate as the information I have on hand, my passion for engaging and knowing others is what keeps me doing what I do. In fact, please connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

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