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Which Design Is Better?

We’re nowhere near finished with the design at CheepMonkey.com but we’re at a sticking point with style preference. Community help is needed. Simply view these and leave a comment as to whether you prefer (A) with no white background behind the text or (B) with the white background behind the text. A – without, B – with. Please indicate by leaving a comment below.

Your input is valuable and as a gift of thanks please enjoy your pre-beta access to CheepMonkey.com by creating your account now.

Do you prefer A?

A - Without white background

Or do you prefer B?

B - With a white background.

Your input is valuable and as a gift of thanks please enjoy your pre-beta access to CheepMonkey.com by creating your account now.

15 thoughts on “Which Design Is Better?

  1. ‘A’ – I promise you I made up my own mind before seeing the existing comments, but am gratified to see we are united. My reason would be that it is less ‘busy’ and allows you to concentrate on the text more easily

  2. B.  the white makes the text pop a little more, but the blue is a light enough shade that it’s not a distraction. hmmmm…staying with B.  The white clearly defines and sets apart the text space.

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