5 Things To Blog About For Web Traffic In May

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There are many ways to increase traffic to your website. Make sure you are paying attention to quality, not just quantity.


If you live in the United States and you are looking to gain organic web traffic there are certain topics which are always big. To keep your Quality Score high make sure the content is actually about what your website does. If you are a plumber, tie this back to plumbing. If you sell real estate, tie this back to real estate. If you have no time or idea how to do that, hire me.

Welcome Warm Weather – From auto repair to wardrobe, restaurant fair to travel, insurance to healthcare, and even welding supply sales, virtually everything can be affected by the arrival of warm weather. Here’s an example for welding supply sales: “With the arrival of warm weather and the soon coming of summer now is the time to take advantage of the better climate and remind your clients to check old weld joints for damage and decay. Replacing or repairing damaged welds with our tools and supplies…”

Travel – Have you ever thought about how travel affects your business directly? Let’s say you own a small, second hand shop in Kennesaw, Georgia. Do you know how many people search “things to do in Kennesaw” during the month of may? I do! Or at least I know a good average. What about a chiropractor, how can they use this? Travel related information is hot – just watch my sites for information about business posting while travelling over the next few days.

Festivals and EventsĀ – There are so many local festivals and events in May that it would be a challenge to write about each of them. Remember, the goal is tying it back to your business and maintaining a good Quality Score. I use Quality Score even when not buying AdWords, because it means the content is relative to the user’s search and to your business.

Memorial Day – Monday, 26 May 2014, is the day the United States stops to remember those service men and women who were killed in action. It also happens to be the sort of official kick-off for the summer season. I can think of posts relevant to hundreds of industries where Memorial Day can be included. The last day to get these posts out would be Sunday, 25 May.

Summer Vacation – Many schools wind up regular classes in May and June. May is a great time to talk about many effects of summer vacation. There are so many things that can be written about summer vacation which could apply to virtually any industry that I highly recommend having at least one recent article or post about the topic.